Excellent Creative Advice from David Bowie

Bowie talks about his creative process and it’s very solid advice. Especially about fame and popularity. A creative person just can’t get wrapped up in that because its ephemeral.

Happy Mother’s Day

Today I had brunch with my two sisters and mother at the Cafe Sevilla restaurant in San Diego. My nephew was chef de cuisine there but it was his last day. I took this shot of everyone (except my sister Susan who was out of the frame. Here’s my mom, nephew Gary and his mother Deanna. Gary is leaving Sevilla for teh Hotel Del Coronado as a banquet chef. Very cool.


Why Things Have Improved

I’ve been sidelined by a serious cold for the last week, but I wanted to throw this video up there because it raises an important point that people need to understand. Things have gotten better for the human race since the industrial revolution, not worse. And a lot of this is due to economic liberty. It’s no surprise that those who decry the economic gains of the 20th century are those who think a statist solution needs to be employed. In other words, they want more government interference in everything. We can see how that has worked out in the US since our current president came to power. The economy has been in perpetual doldrums and they are still churning out mountains of regulations. Government doesn’t solve problems. Look at the drug war, prohibition and the war on poverty as classic examples.

Sorcerer DVD

I just got the new blue ray version of William Friedkin’s masterpiece Sorcerer, One of my favorite movies of all time. This remake of The Wages of Fear, a classic French thriller from 1953 is in my mind superior to the original. It was a massive bomb when it came out, the same year as Star Wars. But many consider it an overlooked classic. It looks beautiful on Blue Ray and it comes with a digibook about the making of the film.

Well worth checking out if you never saw it.


What if all the paper in the world was removed and history started from now?

Review: The Machine

This British Indy film from 2013 is pretty good. A scientist in a top secret lab where they study AI in robots, hires a talented female scientist to work for him and she gets killed by Chinese spies. But he’s saved part of her consciousness and tries to resurrect her in a android. Things get complicated.

It’s a low budget movie that looks great none the less and does an effective job questioning the morality of making people but also how that would be abused by the state. Very interesting.

Review: Space Captain Harlock

Toei Animation did am amazing looking computer animated Captain Harlock film last year. I finally got to see the English dubbed version so here are my impressions.

The film is absolutely stunning to look at. The costumes and sets are amazing. And while I am a fan of Harlock creator Leiji Matsumoto’s work, his stories tend to be all over the place and not well constructed. This was.

However, the big plot twist in the middle of the film makes you lose all sympathy for the heroes. I knew however, there would be a different twist at the climax because this story seemed to be following good story structure methods and I wasn’t disappointed. I don’t think they pulled it off enough to reverse what happens in the middle. But I was satisfied with the film over all. It is a really stunning achievement and original. If you are a Harlock fan the story will surprise you. It’s a new origin for the main character.

Overall, its well worth checking out, just don’t get disheartened by the twist in the middle. I wish they had worked on the script a little more. The characters weren’t bad and they were close enough to all the recognizable faces we’ve seen before.

I can also say the dubbing was excellent, Really good.

I’d give it a 7 out of 10 because it could have been better handled in places. It does meander a bit and its contrived in many places. It’s hard to feel for the characters. But as an animated film it’s up there with the best the Americans produce in CG. It’s funny to say that because at one time I thought all the good animation was coming from Japan but Pixar raised the bar. This is up there, however.