You're Less than a Speck

I’ve shown those planet/sun comparison charts before. This one takes it even farther. Awesome.

Anytime you think you or anyone else is really important, look at this chart. If you think you have big problems, look at this chart.

Note: Click the image to enlarge it. Changed to a bigger image.

The Genius of Hoyt Curtin

I often think back and wonder why I like certain things, and then I realize it was an influence from my early childhood. Most of that was spent in the early 1960s, a period I still love till this day. It was the dawn of the Beatles, Surf Music, James Bond movies, Clint Eastwood Westerns a lot of things I still like. And one of the things I loved back then was Jonny Quest. The jazz music in that show was so amazing, it had a huge influence on my musical tastes since. I think it may be why I am drawn to swing jazz with that big brassy sound that was used in so many things back then.

The man behind the Hanna-Barbara themes back then was named Hoyt Curtin. He wrote the theme to the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Space Ghost and most of all Jonny Quest. Here are the main title credits. I can listen to this over and over again and I have. It and the ending credit music is simply phenomenal. But I didn’t know until I came across the above clip that the incredible trombone sequence in that song was done as a joke. Amazing.

Here is the top three most popular episodes of Jonny Quest. A show I saw when it debuted and watched over and over again well into my teens. My sisters will attest to that because it really annoyed them. But I think that show had a big influence on my writing. I loved the international locations, colorful characters and adventure stories.

The shows back then promoted science and learning and made you want to think about new and interesting ideas. Today it’s all about idiots and their stupid behavior.

I hear Warner Brothers wants to make a Jonny Quest movie starring Zac Efron and the Rock. No comment.

Anyway, Hoyt Curtin was an amazing jazz composer who should have been one of the giants of Jazz in my opinion. His work is incredible.

Here’s an interview I found with him.


Happy Easter


I checked out the new Doctor Who Easter Special “Planet of the Dead”, available on the torrents. Really good. Only three more David Tennant episodes to go. >sob< Michelle (The Bionic Woman) Ryan co-starred as his companion in this one.

A-Hole of the Day

The Infamous Billy Bob Thornton tantrum on Canadian radio. Must be seen to be believed. I guess this is how actors turned musicians get media attention now. Make a fool of yourself while promoting your CD.

UPDATE: What’s Candian for nutjob?