Imbeciles at the Gate

I didn’t want to turn into an Obama basher, like those annoying Bush bashers of the past 8 years. But he’s making it really hard to be civil. He’s basically doing just about everything wrong. He’s makng Jimmy Carter look like a political mastermind.

Aside from adding exponentially to our debt till it’s reaching 11 trillion dollars (so far), his cap and trade laws will destroy our economy. Basically doing more damage to our economy than has already been done.

President Obama’s climate plan could cost industry close to $2 trillion, nearly three times the White House’s initial estimate of the so-called “cap-and-trade” legislation, according to Senate staffers who were briefed by the White House.

A top economic aide to Mr. Obama told a group of Senate staffers last month that the president’s climate-change plan would surely raise more than the $646 billion over eight years the White House had estimated publicly, according to multiple a number of staffers who attended the briefing Feb. 26.

Those costs will be passed on to the consumer. And they will be taxing us for our energy use, or car use, the list will go on, until you think that Beatle’s song “Taxman” is too modest.

See, they are making us so deep in debt, they can use that as an excuse to tax us worse than Sweden, where the tax rate can be as high as 90%.

People are getting really irate out there. So the politicians are making scapegoats out of people like the AIG execs who are getting bonuses. They are putting on these show trials. But it was politicians like Senator Dodd who left loopholes in so these bonuses could happen, Isn’t it interesting that Dodd and Obama were big recipients of AIG donations in the last election? Gee.

This administration isn’t only incompetent, they are making the alleged corruption of the Bush administration look saintly by comparison. The same kind of insider deal making is happening, but on a much bigger scale. And I remember when the Democrats used to scream about Reagan’s 3 trillion dollar deficit. At least he spent it on defense. Obama left defense out of his huge spendulus bill.

I’m beginning to wonder how long it’ll be before we hear calls for impeachment. I didn’t even imagine that would happen last year when he was elected. But now I think it could happen. Hell, Obama may even want to be impeached just to get out of the mess he’s in and obviously can’t deal with.

American Idol 3/17/2009

Daaaamn! This season of Idol blows away the earlier ones. There are usually one or two people I think suck or are annoying in every season at this point. There are none this year. All are good. The annoying people did not make the top cut.

There are no mediocre talents this year either. The worst talent this year is pretty good. And tonight’s show was pretty amazing.

Randy Travis was the guest coach and the theme was Country Music. Everyone brought their own unique flavor to the mix.

Adam Lambert did the most original take, I suppose. A Middle Eastern flavored version of “Ring of Fire”. I liked it, the judges more or less did too. Last week I thought he was a lock for the top 3 (I mistakenly called him Nick). But I no long er see it as a lock. The other, especially some of the guys, are going to give him a very tough fight.

I suspect one of the two blonde girls (Alexis or Megan) or maybe Michael Sarver will go tomorrow. Not that they are bad, but the others blew them away. Sarver seems popular so I suspect it will be one of the blondes.

Lil Rounds and Allison Iraheta are both amazing in their own ways. Allison sounds like a seasoned 30 year old singer and she’s only 16.

Scott and Kris are really good, likable talents. The big surprise of the night came from Anoop Desai who I have always rooted for. He almost lost last week and knew it so he came back really string with an impassioned version of “You Are Always on My Mind”.

The two to watch besides Anoop, maybe are Danny and Matt. Both kicked ass tonight. Danny not as much as usual, but still really solid. They both did Carrie Underwood songs and sold made them their own.

This season they made the wise decision to not let any half baked talent through. No goof balls. Everyone is good.

I’m actually getting very interested in the talent this year. Last year I was bored until the end. This year, I’m starting to look forward to next week’s episode.

Ellison Suing Paramount

Just in time for the upcoming Star Trek movie, Harlan Ellison is suing Paramount over money he feels he’s owed for his “City on the Edge of Forever” script he did over 40 years ago. His press release is pretty entertaining though I’m not sure if any judge will see the merits in his case. It is, after all, something he could have done decades ago if he really felt that strongly about it.

Ellison’s complaint also deals with the Writer’s Guild which he has served on several times as a board member. But now it seems he has come to a realization that I came to many moons ago in my Harsh Realm lawsuit against Fox. The WGA does not really defend writers. It actually serves as a buffer between writers and the studios and in many respects acts like a lap dog of the producers. They weren’t even interested in our side in the Harsh Realm suit. They just went along with whatever Chris Carter wanted. Of course, he was a member and we were not, but the fix was in. They are not interested in the rights of writers. If they were they wouldn’t have needed to strike last year because they would have negotiated what they needed on other media rights long beforehand.

Unions are a scam.