Sorry About That

Some jagoff hacked my site, probably because of my last cartoon. Only fascists try to squash free speech.

The Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug

Its looking good, though I see a lot of changes here. Legolas wasn’t in the book. And when they escaped in the barrels the Elves didn’t chase them. But I’m still very psyched to see this.


Nixon was a lot smarter and more competent than Obama. He also actually had a sense of honor and the importance of office which is why he resigned. Obama will not resign unless he really has to. And he will do everything in his power to try to blame others for his own misdeeds.

I just found out yesterday, for example, that Bosch Fawstin, the comics artist who gave us Pigman and who I interviewed for my podcasts, befriended Senator Ted Cruz on Facebook when the Senator wanted to follow him there. And the second he did, the so-called Justice Department started following Bosch on Facebook. Nixon wasn’t as obvious as these clowns, either.

New Site

James Hudnall (this site) is being redone in a new format. Pardon our dust. I felt it was time for a reboot. I am also consolidating everything under one URL so and both will direct here now.

I’d been wanting to redo the site since the start of the year. But things got out of hand with my webhost charging me too much because a wordpress plugin as eating up bandwidth. I have a feeling things would not be resolved to my satisfaction as I have been through similar problems with hosts in the past. So I moved again and hopefully I can get my data back from the old host. In the mean time I will be building up a new site which will hopefully behave better than my old one. It was a little buggy and I didnt habe time to figure out what was wrong. Been a busy bee. That’s why I don’t post much lately, but I will try to amend that.


In the mean time check out the art for Blue Cat 2 coming in June from Aces Weekly!


Blue Cat 2 in the Next Aces Weekly


Issue 5 of Aces Weekly which starts in June will have the second installment of Blue Cat by myself and Val Mayerik. We’re really enjoying this online strip so I hope you will check it out.

Blue Cat tells the story of Cindy Sparks, a teenager who is haunted by the ghost of a cat which leads her on strange adventures.

Iron Man 3: Review

Personally, I loved it. It was very funny, funnier than most comedies, yet it was also a good action movie where Tony Stark, not Iron Man, does most of the heavy lift. There is no writer I can think of, save maybe Quentin Tarantino who could write Tony Stark as well as Shane Black, whose style of humor is so suited to Robert Downey Jr.

The critics who don’t like this movie are angry either that Iron Man is less the focus this time around, or the twist about the Mandarin, they just don’t get it that its really about Stark, the man in the suit and is tailor made for Downey’s unique talents. And it works. The big fight at the end is clearing things for the next one. I was very satisfied.

Gun Statistics


Guns make people safer. Notice how bad Mexico is on this chart as far as murders. One of the most hilarious signs Ive ever seen is visible near the Mexico border. It says Guns are illegal in Mexico as a warning to people planning to cross the border. Sure has done wonders for the crime rate there, eh?