Farm Your Own Food at Home

I’ve been fascinated with urban farming for a while, following stories about factory farms set up in cities using hydroponic systems to grow food without the need for pesticides or chemicals. The food is sold to restaurants as locally produced farm to table. But this led me to a new growing trend where people are doing it in their homes and backyards using systems designed for consumers.

What’s fascinating is, these revolutionary systems let you tower farm in places with a very small footprint. In other words, vertical farming. This is where a tube, with holes cut for the plants, let you grow vertically in a very small space like your balcony in an apartment. And you can farm most of your produce needs at home for very little money. People can make their own towers very cheaply. If you go to youtube there are plenty of videos like this one that show how to make one for under $10. Here’s another.

But these two systems you can buy are not really expensive. About the price of a good barbecue, but they pay for themselves and require very little materials and water. They allow you to home farm all year round.

The first system is Garden Tower 2. It uses soil and you can put 20 plants or more in your tower. The plants stick out of holes in the side, It has a central column where you throw in worms at the start and any compost or food scraps for the worm to digest, You water the tower from the top and it all trickles down through the soil which the worms have all left their droppings in which acts like powerful fertilizer for the plants. The water eventually collects in a reservoir at the bottom which you can reuse. Because it passed through the soil it will be full of ‘worm tea’ which is rich in nutrients. The plants that grow from this are way better than the stuff in the stores. There’s a video on the link that explains it in more detail. I am torn between wanting this one and the next one.

The second system is the Tower Garden. The system is similar except the tower is narrower and taller. It does not use soil or worms. Instead, the roots are hanging inside the tube and are watered on a continuous timer using nutrients. The water is reused so it trickles down into a tank and is pumped back up again. The plants that grow from this system seem even more impressive but this uses some electricity for the pump.

I am very interested in doing these once I get into a better space than I’m in now. Because there is nothing that compares to fresh, homegrown food. The taste is so much better and when you can do it without pesticides and other issues, it’s a lot healthier for you. The amount of work is way less than a normal garden. You will also see less bugs because it’s off the ground. No gophers and the like, though these systems are not good for root vegetables. It’s great for vine type plants and herbs. Also leafy greens.

There are tons of videos on YouTube about it if you search on Tower Gardens. If it interests you like it did me, check it out.

UPDATE: here is an affordable tower about half the price of the other two.

Hudcasts Return

Years ago I planned to do video casts and a couple trials are still on my youtube account. But then I ended up getting sidetracked as I sometimes do.
But I have become a fan of a lot of youtube shows and been brushing up my video editing skills with the latest software. I am planning a return to doing hudcasts.
My first ones will probably be pitches for comics projects I am working on but then I will get into subjects that interest me.
Here’s a little video that I did back in the 2012 election. A lot of it is substantially why Trump won this election. Some people want to blame nonsense like racism, sexism or whatever. Those people need to be seriously redpilled. The media has filled their heads with modern day red scare propaganda.
In the meantime check this out if you missed it. The arguments are about the tea party but the tea party became the so-called deplorables.

A New Day for America

Many of the people who called Trump stupid the last year are probably feeling pretty stupid right now. Watch as the #NeverTrump people line up to kiss his ring,

Trump is many things, but he’s not an idiot. I think he will surprise a lot of people how good a handle he has on issues.

Of course, I expect a lot of pushback as the reality of his presidency sinks in. But the Democrats are out of power. And there is a clear rejection by the people of the policies of last eight years. The MSM has become a laughing stock and has ruined their reputations.

More importantly, we dodged a bullet. The corruption of the Clinton machine will no longer be a threat to our government. In fact, they will be investigated and exposed. And in the exposure, a lot of corruption that has been hidden by the media will take down a lot of powerful people on the Democrat side. The Dems are out of power as well. And this will further destroy their brand.

So they will fight and they will try to undermine Trump at every turn. But they already threw everything they could at him and look how well that worked out. He’s been one step ahead of them at every turn.

The problem with the so-called progressives is they are filled to the brim with hubris. The last eight years have made them so cocky, they walked into a brick wall. They thought they had control of the universe. And they were completely obvious to reality.

As I have said many times before, deal with reality or it deals with you.

Trump will try to work to restore unity in the nation. Something the Democrats have worked so hard to destroy with their extreme identity politics. If they try the same nonsense on Trump it will backfire.

We’ll see how effective a Trump presidency will be. If he fails, I will not hold back criticism, but I have a feeling we’re finally in good hands. This is someone who is a builder, not a destroyer. And that will make all the difference in the world.

Election of the Century

I’ve been following every election since I was a kid, many, many moons ago. I have never seen a more vicious and crazy one in my life. But then, it doesn’t surprise me. We have let things get out of hand for far too long. We have let crooks and crazies run the show. It’s reaching a boiling point where what happens now will determine a sea change in this country.

Many people think that has already happened. But change is an eternal constant in society and political shifts are something that happens once every other generation or so. We are at a point where a major one is taking place.

All my life, and this has never changed, I have been an independent voter. I have not trusted the establishment of either party. I have seen corruption is a massive problem in every administration. I almost never like the candidates we get to choose from. I have always seen the system as rigged.

So, I’ll fully confess here that I have only voted in three presidential elections so far. One was against Mondale in the 80s, one was against Bush 41 in the 90s, the other was against Kerry in the 2000s. I regret voting for Clinton the first time. The other two was the best choice we had. This time, it’s an easy choice for me. Hillary Clinton is the worst politician I have ever had the displeasure of having to witness. She is corrupt beyond measure. She has no scruples at all. She is everything Trump has been accused of. In fact, it has been her common tactic going back to the 90s to accuse other people of her own failings.

Trump is far from perfect, but he seems to actually care about this country and is not saying the same canned speeches I have heard for decades. I don’t know if he will effectively be able to do what he promises but I know for a fact Hillary won’t because I have seen how she operates. Hillary will only bring ruin. Trump is a businessman who has been very successful. Hillary has only been successful at getting away with crimes, stealing and getting rich through pay for play and other larceny.

Now, I know how fruitless it is to try to explain to a Hillary voter why she’s bad news. And millions of people have already voted. I am not advocating people to change their vote because it’s not likely to matter at this stage and I believe political choice is a personal thing,

But, I just want to point something out. Trump is anti-war and basically modern candidate on most things. Hillary, on the other hand, will say or do anything she wants. She has no scruples. She changes her positions based on whether it will help her goals. She has no principals. She is basically owned by her rich corporate and foreign government donors And where Trump is basically anti-war, Hillary wants to get into a war with Russia. It’s insane.

This video, but a Brit, so he is non-partisan, not even American, says it all. She is bad news. And if you haven’t voted yet, I ask you to consider what he says.

UPDATE: This is an updated explanation of the FBI email server investigation and why the Comey actions are another example of a coverup.

Answering False Arguments

Most bogus arguments that people make were classified long ago by the Ancient Greeks. Others have added to the logical fallacy list. Here is a handy chart so the next time someone tries to lay some whopper on you, you have ammo. Click to enlarge. logic to enlarg

No One Trusts the Media Anymore

Why should they when it’s become such a partisan joke. The press today are largely cheerleaders for the Democrats. And the Democrats have become the party of rich special interests. The corruption in this administration is beyond the pale. It’s no surprise then, that people are losing their trust in the opinions of talking heads. The world is basically on fire, economies are in a state of decline the world over, and the elites want us to think everything is hunky dory.

We have riots happening almost regularly now, terrorist incidents are becoming common. Blatant disregard for the law by our so called government leaders. And the news, largely, wants us to believe the economy is great and there’s nothing to see here. The public is turning and the businesses that have been lying to us are feeling the heat.

Pity, Fear, Catharsis

Great Ted Talk on writing that’s well worth a look if you care about the subject.

9/11 Isn’t Going Away

There are 15-year-olds who are being taught about 9/11 in school as history. Many of them weren’t born or were babies when it happened.

9/11 was a shock to the system. It caused a depression and many people lost their jobs, including me. I was engaged at the time, and I think it had a partial effect of helping that relationship end. I was lucky compared to the people who lost their lives or loved ones in that tragedy. When 9/11 happened, I was getting ready for work and had the news on and saw the event happening live and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It looked like a scene from a movie. My fiance, who was Russian said, “Oh, we have terrorism all the time in Russia.” I said “Not like this you don’t.” Then I told her, the US will respond with an overreaction that will include armies and mass bombings. She was like “That’s horrible. Innocent people don’t deserve that.” I shrugged and pointed at the screen where people were jumping out of windows in the towers.

“Those innocent people didn’t deserve it either. And that is how war works.”

Needless to say, we know what followed. Bush said it would take ten years to defeat terrorism. My thought at the time, that depends on who follows you. The rest is history.

War is a horror. Terrorism is just a form of war. We have been in WWIII since 9/11. The politicians may pretend otherwise but it is far from over.