Crazy Talk or Is Obama Being Tested?

The oil rig explosion spill is a big concern, namely because the leaking oil is causing problems for the entire gulf coast. It will cost billions to clear up. Yet, these rigs have been built to deal themselves off in case of damage. So why hasn’t it happened here? It’s also odd the explosion happened the day before Earth Day.

Then comes this bit of strangeness,

Now, you might think, we’ll Obama probably misspoke. He couldn’t have meant SWAT teams. Why would he send SWAT teams? Levin’s analysis makes sense if you really think he’s Chavez Part Deux. But it seems too obvious. However, this bit of news puts it in possible perspective. Were we attacked by one of our enemies?

Was this pushing Obama the way Iran did to Jimmy Carter? Our enemies like to test America and they especially like poking weak leaders, as they did Carter who was twice the “man” Obama is.

Food for thought.

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