Crazy Times

If anyone wondered why I am doing these cartoons, the answer is fairly complicated. It isn’t because I hate the president. I don’t hate anyone. And besides, I believe it’s poor writing to criticize someone, or create a villain, without trying to understand where they’re coming from. Everyone is living a private drama. It’s good to try to understand others. That’s why I talked to everyone who emailed me. All the hate mail people. All the death threat people who didn’t use a fake email account. I believe in trying to be reasonable even if other people weren’t (I’ll admit I was a little snarky with some of them, but you try getting a ton of hatemail in 48 hours and see how you handle it).

That said, one of the main reasons I decided to take President Obama on is I am creeped out by group think. Always have been. When I was in High School, religious cults were everywhere trying to seduce people into going to their retreats so they could brainwash them. I had an experience with a couple of groups. I would talk to them, listen to their philosophy and they could tell from the questions I asked and the way I responded to them, I was a waste of their time. Because I generally see through BS. I am also not a follower.

So when Barack Obama ran for president, I became more turned off the more popular he became. The cult of personality is a very dangerous and creepy phenomena. Barack Obama’s cult attracted many zombie eyed followers who hung on his every word, even though he had never done anything important besides getting elected to higher office. And each time he got elected, would run for a even higher position before he finished his first term. He seemed only interested in ladder climbing. Not accomplishing things.

When he got elected he disappointed many of those followers. He didn’t do most of what he promised. He lied to their faces. I figured by now people would see him for what he is, but there are still plenty of hold outs as I discovered this week. People who defended him without even listening to our arguments came on here or contact us, saying some of the most extreme stuff you can imagine. They believed what the hacks said about us without question. It was sad. Fortunately, many people came to our defense. Many of our colleagues in comics did as well. But too often they would preface their email with something like this “I REALLY don’t agree with the comic, I think its terrible. But I defend your right to do it.”

OK, but honestly, I know from previous discussions, it wasn’t the art or the writing they hated as much as the actual message the cartoon had. Batton and I were always being playful and both of us are very easy going people. We’re not mean. We try to be friendly with everyone. So it was a shock to have our work attacked the way that it was. We thought the stuff we did was pretty mild. But it seems it hit a nerve with those cult of O people, big time.

And that is what disturbs me about the left. They are mostly followers. Not leaders. They mainly believe and do what they’re told. Because in lefty land you MUST do as your told or there may be trouble. That’s partially why so many people who supported us had to say “I hate what you do, but…” because their friends may be watching and they didn’t want to catch flak.

We live in a climate where many people are afraid to speak their minds for fear of persecution. That really offends me. So I do what I do as a response to that. I will not be cowed.

I’ve always abhorred group think. I’ve been put off by ideologies. But we now live in the crazy times where it’s a kind of civil war or opposing beliefs. And people who are somewhere in the middle like Batton and myself have to stand our ground against a seething madness sweeping the land. I hope many of you who come to this site have read my response, listened to the audio of the radio show I did and understand that we were the victims here. We’re not the hate mongers.

To those of you who came here angry but talked to me like an adult, thank you.

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  1. Of all the cartoons picked to get outraged over. It was one of the most tame cartoons you have done. And then for (HE – who shall not be named) to almost literally call for your lynching is beyond the pale. Only those that are beyond reason would still be outraged after seeing the cartoon that was deemed too offensive to show in it’s entirety. Half-animal grotesque racist depiction of POTUS my buttocks. Big ears, means animal. PULeeeeze. And if you don’t agree with me you’re a nazi. 😉

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  3. There’s very disgusting things going on now with Unions and the Clueless-In-Chief is doing things to aggravate the situation. Lots of sly wording and coding.

    He’s practicing from On–High This Annointed One what the sleazeballs in Chicago did all the time — if you can’t intimidate people with words, send out brainless drones to physically confront at their homes… Regardless of whether family members are there or not.

    There have been reports of incidents through the Midwest of state officials being threatened by people who claim to be or are apparently members of Teachers Unions. A fellow named Luna, an Idahoan official who’s putting forward educational reforms and cuts, got confronted by a loon at his elderly mother’s home. Yes, HIS MOTHER’S HOME! To add insult to injury, someone slashed two of the tires on his truck and spray-painted “Luna” on the side.

    Union thugs are a small minority of Americans… But boy, are they useful with the Extreme Left isn’t getting what it wants!

    Don’t hate teachers in general, but I dislike the public union sector and the mentality that they’re entitled to benefits the rest of us don’t get in the private sector. The one thing I really dislike about these unions is that they keep the best and brightest out (individualists) but keep the mediocre, laziest people employed.

    I’ve just heard too many stories of lousy teachers — incompetent, lazy, outright stupid — being retained because of the unions. The similar stories I’ve heard about postal workers in some cities (Chicago among them) and the level of theft and graft is extraordinary, too. There were postal employees fired for stealing checks who the USPS was forced to hire back because of the unions!

    Unions have been an utter disaster the federal sector and are just as undemocratic and corrupt as things get…

    • Jesse the Jackass is at again getting involved in situations that don’t really don’t concern him —

      This Asshat should have been thrown in prison decades ago for embezzling his own “action” groups and non-profits so that he could live like a king.

      Yet not a finger is lifted against him because he’s A) a “social activist” and B) Black Democrat. Doesn’t matter that a good portion of the Black community can’t stand him either, and that most of us with common sense know he’s a bully and crook. Might also be the most famous racist in the US, too.

      He’s one of the biggest frauds and useless tools that’s ever been produced in the States.

      Is it any wonder he’s involved with the Union thuggery and protests in Wisconsin?

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