Don't Have a Cow, Moochelle!

The first lady has decided, as part of the state’s control of the health care system to start measuring everyone’s BMI and forcing your kids to take drugs if they are over weight.

Oh yeah, and we’ll throw you in jail if you don’t buy our crappy healthcare insurance.

I don’t remember any part of the constitution that the first lady gets to issue edicts controlling people’s lives. Guess I missed that part in civics class.

And they’re wondering why people are so mad out there in electorate land.

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  1. The first thing we need to do is slam a stake through the heart of BMI. It is a crappy measure of excess weight, thrown together back in the 1800s by a quack doctor. The tables have also been revised downwards three times since 1970. Each time that happens we get a bunch of hysterics about an obesity “epidemic” (note to the MSM–epidemics are caused by communicable diseases spread by organisms, not by purchasing Fritos). In high school I was a trim 190 pounds, working part time as a climbing instructor. That now puts me on the dividing line between normal and overweight on the new charts. I call bullshit.
    A proper test of body fat percentage is the water immersion test, but that’s like, all hard and stuff, so they just use the BMI. And anyway, they’d just set the body fat percentage at some arbitrary level.
    This is all about more control over our lives, make no mistake. Here’s a quote I came across almost ten years ago:

    “Food prices are established not only by supply and demand but also by government policies and programs. Our research shows that strategically altering prices can potentially lead to better health. This opens up a whole new arena for government policy.”
    –The American Society for Nutritional Sciences

    I’m sure they’ve been on the phone to Michelle.

    • They’re rationing food in Venezula now, That’s what socialism will get you. I’m sure this administration would love to try that eventually but hopefully they will be too busy dodging indictments starting in January.

    • We’ve seen this same creeping B.S. with respect to blood pressure, cholesterol and, lately, diabetes (we are all “pre-diabetic” now! well… duh!). Not surprisingly, pharmaceutical companies rake in enormous sums for the prescriptions written to “battle” marginal conditions in all three of these areas. M.D.’s, courted almost daily by the drug pimps, are now recommending drugs even for people on the high side of (the new) “normal” in many cases. Cholesterol meds have been especially abused, given that there’s no causal relationship between cholesterol and heart disease (also, statins are now finding their way into a number of off-label applications). Now we have the beginnings of federally-mandated weight control added to the list.

      Not much doubt that once the feds are determining health policy, if you’re not already taking the medications required by government edicts in any one or all four of these areas, you can expect to be “triaged” and denied health care.

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