Eduardo Barretto Ill

The artist I did my Lex Luthor Autobiography with is a swell guy and a terrific talent. Apparently he’s not doing to well.

Beginning next week, readers will notice a significantly different look to the comic strip “Judge Parker.” That is because Eduardo Barreto, the feature’s artist since 2006, is gravely ill.

“Eduardo is not coming back,” Woody Wilson, the longtime writer of “Judge Parker” and “Rex Morgan M.D.” tells Comic Riffs. “He’s gravely ill. He has told us he will not be able to [draw the comic for] the foreseeable future.”

King Features Syndicate, which distributes “Judge Parker,” says that Barreto is sick and that there’s “a temporary replacement” artist.

“We are, at this moment … conducting a search for another artist,” Wilson says by phone from Phoenix.

A family member says that Barreto, a Uruguayan resident who is in his mid-50s, has meningitis, Wilson says.

I didn’t get to speak to him until years after we did that book together, but he was a great guy to talked to and I hoped we would have another chance to work together someday. Let’s hope he gets well.

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  1. James,

    No doubt. Eduardo Barreto is one of the best out there in his profession.

    His worked on Judge Parker recently made it the BEST looking comic strip in the newspaper.

    First and foremost, I hope he recovers and gets back to 100% healthy. And, secondly, I hope he can return to being the main artist on Judge Parker. If only because selfishly he took it to a new level.

    Big shoes to fill, if he can’t return to Judge Parker.

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