Finished The Secrets of Writing!

Since my last post I have been working on the publication of The Secrets of Writing. I have added new material and art and updated the original text by refining it and adding more text as well as updating references. I also made it more about writing in general and not just about comics, thought I still have stuff in there about comics writing. I am busy polishing it up this weekend because it has to go out Sunday. I will make sure it is available it all the book outlets and in print. I am busy working on all those details now.

I hope those of you who waited for this book find it worth your patience. I am sorry it took so long, but I wanted to think about it and needed to also get my motivation to finish it going. Well, my experience of losing a leg has been a great motivator. I am focused now and once I finish this book I will be finishing a TV pitch for one of my books and a screenplay outline for The Psycho. Then I will be working on finishing my two novel projects that I should have been out by now if things didn’t go so bad for me last fall.

I plan to do more regular posts to the blog as well, once this book is in. I want to talk about my new comics project that I am very excited about. It’s coming along.

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