Gay Tea Partiers

I agree with their theory on how marriage should be. Not the government’s business. Then there wouldn’t be an issue about gay marriage, The government is involved in every aspect of our lives and we need to put that to an end.

It’s really sad that these two guys are treated so badly by their community when all they want is individual rights and less taxes. For that they’re called nazis and “Auntie Toms”, etc. But once again here’s proof the tea party is not all Christian white straight people. It’s made up of a cross section of American society.

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  2. If anything, it should be any government’s best interest to ENCOURAGE hetrosexual marriage for the purpose of rasing families if they ever want their society to survive.

  3. If the government wanted such things they need to make it affordable for people to have families, and make the economic climate healthier. The truth is, Social-engineering by always leads to bad things because they always do it wrong or have just plain wrong ideas about human nature and society.

    Our population growth isn’t the problem. Government interference in our lives is.

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