Giving Numbskulls a Bad Name


Once upon a time Democrats would hold up Ronald Reagan’s three trillion dollar deficit as a sign that Republicans recklessly run up huge deficits. They can’t use that line anymore without getting laughed at. Obama’s is projected at 9.3 trillion. And he has another trillion dollar plan on the way.

You know things are bad when fellow socialists call you stupid. Oh, that’s right. Obama isn’t a socialist. He just plays one on TV.

Even though Obama claims he believes in free markets, he wants to mend fences with the socialist president of France. Too bad he hasn’t been president of France in two years.

This week he plans to propose laws regulating the pay of all execs in the finance business. Genius! If you’re going to bankrupt the country, make sure you upset all the rich and powerful in the process. I’m sure that will go over really well (see: JFK).

The other night Obama said his bowling is “like the special Olympics”. At the rate he’s going, he’s a better bowler than he is a president.

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  1. He’s beyond an idiot, Hud. Calling him an idiot is an insult to other idiots…

    No, we have elected President Teddy Ruxpin — the President who can’t talk straight without putting a tape in his ass. For all the flack Bush got for his occasional Bushisms he was never as dependent on a teleprompter as der Shleekmeister obviously is!

    There’s nothing left to respect in the office of POTUS while this man is in office because he clearly does NOT respect the office or the people of THE NATION he was elected to represent.

    Honeymoon’s over, guys. Teddy Ruxpin obviously doesn’t get it all.

    If he represents the best of what the Democrats thought was electable for this country, I will NOT ever vote for a Democrat for POTUS! Certainly not for at least the next 20 years. A more mediocre personality and level of intellect I have never seen before in my life. That’s allowing for the Kennedys, Bidens, Kucinichs, and all the other inbred types in both parties.

    Clinton, Carter, Nixon, and LBJ can finally breathe sighs of relief. They’ve been topped in arrogance, sheer stupidity, and lack of common sense at critical junctures. (FYI, I frankly think Nixon was by far the smartest of that bunch even though he was amongst the most paranoid…)

    There hasn’t been a President THIS bad since at least the 1920s and probably even as far back as the late 1800s!

  2. GeorgeC,

    Have you ever considered that his role is simply to mediate this so called “change”?. Don’t forget, he was selected before he was elected. The people need to believe in this change, which is why someone with such a charismatic persona (albeit a facade) was chosen to convince the country to believe in his “solutions”.

    How else could the masses be convinced of such insane policy?

    Complaining about how stupid he is, is really irrelevant. We need to look at WHAT he is doing and try to understand WHY. The whole left-right paradigm is purely a distraction to keep us bickering amongst ourselves. Meanwhile, the agenda roles on.

  3. What’s happening is a huge transfer of wealth, where the American people are being robbed blind and bureaucrats are seizing power through insane laws. All this spending will give them the rationale to tax us like Sweden and force us to accept things we don’t want to pay for it all. More on that later.

    I mainly wanted to use this article to post a photoshop piece I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

  4. People seem to have forgotten “change” can be good…or bad. So “change” is what they got–just not the change they were hoping for. They signed a blank check, and it’s biting them on the ass. There is no sympathy in my heart for them.
    Affirmative action was always a disastrous policy. Now we have the most public example of that there will probably ever be.

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