Green Cars

So the Obama administration lent billions of dollars to auto companies with the expectations that they would make more electric cars. Did you think it would result in some Luxury sedan that could go zero to sixty in a second? How about this?


GM is betting PUMA’s more car-like traits — an enclosed compartment and top speed of 35 miles per hour — will lead to better results. GM didn’t say how much the machines would cost, but research chief Larry Burns said owners would spend one-third to one-fourth of the cost of a traditional vehicle.

PUMA would have a range of about 35 miles. GM said it aims to use so-called vehicle-to-vehicle technology to avoid traffic problems and potentially have it navigate itself through city streets.

Yeah, awesome. A car that can go only 35 miles per hour and 35 miles on a change. Thrilling.

This is what you get when the state starts dictating what you’ll be making and what you’ll be driving. In the Soviet era you had to wait 5 years for this piece of crap. Don’t be surprised when an over zealous Obama administration decides you need to drive more cars like the Puma and will “encourage you” to give up your current ride. It’s “green” after all.
and they’re still making it.

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  1. Let the Logan’s Run cars stay in the movies.

    This device looks like crap and runs like crap…

    The sooner Obama goes and the more sanity returns to government, the better things will be for most of us!

  2. Wouldn’t it be lovely to get T-boned by a Prius while “driving” one of those?
    And I can just imagine how well it would haul my 250lb ass up the hills around my place. I’d have to get out and push.
    Yet another worthless joke from our Noble Masters.

  3. Did you know the Discovery Channel has an entire new channel called Planet Green? I love it, because they shunted all their idiotic enviro-nut programming off the regular Discovery channel, and I simply deleted Planet Green off my channel list.
    They probably have it running non-stop on monitors in schools now, like Big Brother in 1984.

  4. So let’s see: Albert Gore is Joseph McCarthy, the Green Scare is the Red Scare, and Global Warming is Communism. I guess the House of Un-American Activities Center should be renamed the House of Environmental Activities Center? It’s sort of like the 50s all over again! (Right down to 3D movies making a strong comeback.)

    If the Iron Giant landed on Earth today, instead of being perceived as a Soviet weapon, he’ll be perceived as a cause for Global Warming!

    But seriously, does this vehicle even have covers to it!? How is this thing going to protect me in the rain? Is that even a real car? Are they sure it’s not Photoshopped? I doubt it’s going to replace our Toyota Scion.

    April Fool’s Day was so 7 days ago.

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