Happy New Year?

Alex Jones may or may not be a conspiracy nut but this new law is reality and what he says is true. Obama wanted these things in the law which turns America into a police state, They can now send you to prison indefinitely without trial by merely accusing you of terrorism. Lets se how quickly this gets abused.

Every so called liberal and lefty who thinks Obama is a good guy, time to wake up now. Its not a bad dream. Its a scary reality.

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  1. Believe it or not, this was (as of right now, as I post) the main headline – on the Huffington Post.

    Exact phrasing: “Happy New Year: You Can Now Be Detained Indefinitely”.

    Considering all the things that were either killed or never brought to the floor in the past two years, either in the Democratic-led Senate or the Republican-led House (the least productive Congress in over sixty years, mind you), it’s disturbing that this provision was fought for all along the way…even more so that any sitting president would sign it into law.

    And, just to make a general point, I don’t think it really doesn’t matter where you lie politically anymore, as it takes a group effort to screw up this badly. We’ve had two major shifting elections in less than five years (2006 and 2010), and it doesn’t really seem to have an effect. If anything, it took all sides to screw up this badly.

    For example, here are some well-known politicians, both Democrat and Republican (as well as a fewTea Party favorites), who voted “Yea” on this (alphabetical and by chamber). In other words, these folks either thought that the detention provision was a.) an idea they were fine with passing into law, or b). even worse, they didn’t read the bill, and passed it anyway:


    Lamar Alexander (R)
    Max Baucus (D)
    Roy Blunt (R) (my senator)
    Barbara Boxer (D)
    Scott Brown (R)
    Robert Casey (D)
    Saxby Chambliss (R)
    John Cornyn (R)
    Diane Feinstein (D)
    Lindsey Graham (R)
    Orrin Hatch (R)
    James Inhofe (R)
    Daniel Inouye (D)
    John Kerry (D)
    Jon Kyl (R)
    Mary Landrieu (D)
    Pat Leahy (D)
    Dick Lugar (R)
    John McCain (R)
    Claire McCaskill (D) (my other senator)
    Lisa Murkowski (R)
    Ben Nelson (D)
    Harry Reid (R)
    Olympia Snowe (R)
    John Thune (R)

    To make a quick point, a few of the “Nay” votes (only 13 out of 100!) came from Tea party favorites like Rand Paul, Tom Coburn, and Jim DeMint…..but also from pretty liberal guys like Al Franken and even someone who is a self-described socialist (Bernie Sanders). If anything, the most idealistic members of each party seemed to be the only voices of reason – and they banded together on it.

    HOUSE (as there are literally hundreds of reps, I grabbed six somewhat-well-known reps to make the point):

    “Yea” Votes”:

    Michele Bachmann (R)
    Russ Carnahan (D)
    Steny Hoyer (D)
    Nancy Pelosi (D)
    Dana Rohrabacher (R)
    Paul Ryan (R)
    Allen West (R)

    As far as “Nay” votes go, Ron Paul is there, alongside 90 Democrats and 5 Republicans (13 in total abstaining in the House – only one abstention in the Senate).

    (source: OpenCongress.org)

  2. I used to think years ago that perhaps Alex Jones is a conspiracy nut or maybe even a government plant. Regardless, everything he has been saying over the years was either true, has come true, or is in the process of rapidly taking shape. Including 911 Truth stuff. I now take him at face value and consider him sincere. Furthermore I can’t stomach most other so called ‘conservative’ media outlets because they pretty much mostly all appear to either be part of the big lie or just barely scratch the surface of reality by staying in the safety of their respective advertising zones. Conservatives/Tea Party types have been completely had (myself included) by the NeoCon Republicrats. Ed Royce (R) voted yes for this NDAA bill, as he did for the last big bail out bill, I think it was last summer. I would say Boehner is a complete joke, but he’s too sad to even chuckle about. No wonder he was crying like a baby when sworn in. Are these people being threatened? Or are they just one side of a two sided coin? Regardless Ron Paul is the answer, unless we want perpetual war, fiat spending inflationary enslavement, a completely gutted Constitution, a NAZI fascist police state and FEMA coffins for our chemtrail poisoned bodies.

    • Jones doesn’t get a lot right actually. He makes a lot of leaps of logic that aren’t accurate at all.  And i don’t know what you mean about Brietbart being like Chris Matthews, but as I have said time and time again, both parties are part of the problem and they aren’t really that far apart. They both promote more and more government and ultimately less and less liberty. That’s why i dont support either party and I don’t look for answers from your standard politicians. 

      • Jones doesn’t get a lot right when viewed through the lens of what the msm ultimately attempts to falsely declare is the truth. Perhaps he’s not 100% spot on all the time but pretty damn close and nobody is perfect. 

        What I mean about Brietbart are the videos of Ron Paul posted on his sight almost daily for weeks with slanted headlines essentially attacking Ron Paul. Some of which could be interpretted as having included the age old BSNBC tactic of declaring someone a racists. Worse than those though are the comments below them from most of the hypnotized NeoCons who still frequent his site. I realized I didn’t fit in there long ago when those types would attack me for commenting about the very real reality of Obama being constitutionally ineligible for POTUS. 

        • Chemtrails is a good example of absurd views Jones has, FEMA camps has been debunked before Its an old meme from the Reagan era We already have more people incarcerated than any nation on earth including China which is bad enough.

          As for Paul, contributors to Brietbart sites bring their own views its not all Andrew’s views, * agree with Paul on 80% of the issues but his view on a nuclear Iran is plain nuts. 

          • Anyone living in at least a semi-populated area who can not see chemtrails with their own eyes either never looks up or is loosing they’re eyesight.

            Watch this: 

            Spend some time over here: 

          • they’re called vapor trails and they are a bi-product of hot exhaust at high altitudes. not some conspriacy,. 

          • Keep telling yourself what they told you. Maybe you’ll get less sick than the rest of us.

            Vapor trails dissipate in a matter of minutes. Chemtrails remain and because so they are longer than vapor trails and then they span out over time creating ‘clouds’. Fake clouds, which block out the sun on days when there are enough of them and as far as my health tells me are very bad for humans.

          • Chem Trails? 

            I’m going to stick with what the retired Air Force tech who runs this  board says!
            Besides, it seems like seeding/dousing at high altitudes would be more for WEATHER MANIPULATION (if there are clouds present) as opposed to poisoning/sterilizing the population.  As much as I liked Coast to Coast AM in the past, I had to drop that show because it increases your paranoia levels— that and the 75% rate of guests who were psychics or involved in some other B.S.  AJ was way too paranoid and “out there” for me to consider listening to!

            So far this year….
            I really don’t think 2012 can suck much more than 2011 did. 

            The economy’s still bad but what is so different from the early 1980s recession is the lack of leadership and a figurehead who people could believe in.  Folks, the Obama people aren’t even trying to pretend they aren’t crooks and connected to disreputable real estate magnates and the CEO’s of companies that donated to this Yahoo-in-Chief’s first presidential campaign.  (Chicago politicians = organized mobsters…  Remember that next time you vote!  I lived in the Windy City for 3 years and can vouch for the ultra-crookedness of the Illinois Democratic Machine and Chicago in particular!)  And of course, these same companies get exemptions from the new rules that are strangling the financial life out of the rest of us!!

            Locally, I see an area mall practicing bad business by kicking out 8-10 tenants/merchants by the end of this month in favor of building a new department store to sell — what else??? — more clothing!  As if JC Penny, Macy’s and Old Navy didn’t have that area covered already!  It’s a bad year to do remodeling and it’s really stupid to kick out 8-10 CONFIRMED paying tenants in favor of a duplicate business with no track record in the area or existing niche to fill.  Makes no sense to me….

            And yeah, there are still plenty of empty retail spaces around the area and the corpses of failed chains like Circuit City and Borders.

            The news isn’t all bad…  It was possible for many people to get temp jobs this past holiday season!

            Stick that in the hope and change bucket (while MO continues her impersonation of Marie Antoinette and the Good-for-Nothings go on their millionth vacation in 4 years on the tax payers’ dimes)!

            November can’t come soon enough…. I just pray we don’t get a credible third party candidate who splits the vote and allows BO to be re-elected!

          • I dunno, I love listening to AM Coast to Coast, assuming I’m awake. While I buy almost none of what goes on in the few hours the show is on, it never ceases to be entertaining.

            Ever heard Hendrie’s spoofs of Art Bell? If not, they’re worth seeking out (I don’t know if Hendrie sells individual bits or not on his site, but any comedy bit where a Coast to Coast guest tries arguing that he has proof that the Boogieman was who really got Chandra Levy, you can’t NOT listen).

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