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  1. Dang it! What web site do I go to to construct my own parodies with this sequence? And what movie is that from!

  2. These are always hilarious. My favorites are the one where Hillary is berating her campaign staff for losing to Obama, and the sub-prime mortgage one.
    But the original movie is superb (Downfall) and when you watch the original sequence, no matter how many parodies you’ve seen, it is still riveting. Now that’s damned good acting. The movie is a 9.5 star winner, full of superb acting and awesome scripting. Buy it or rent it, it’s a winner.

  3. In the original movie (Downfall) Hitler is in his bunker in the final week of WWII when the Soviets are advancing on Berlin and he is given the bad news. He has been giving out deluded orders up to that point. As Toren said, it’s worth checking out.

  4. God that was hilarious!

    The most laughing I’ve done in a long while.

    “I paid to have him turned white…”~! LOL

    I was getting so sick and tired of the non-stop Michael-a-thon on the news and this B.S. about him being the greatest entertainer of the past century.

    This really helped reverse my mood! A+

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