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  1. It matches up with the books I’ve read, although as Jim points out it doesn’t cover every little event. To me, blatant propaganda is what we’re given by the MSM. Just one of my favorite examples: The Israelis and the Palestinians agreed on a ceasefire. Within days the Palis were launching rockets into Israel. This was actually reported on in the news, although without enthusiasm. After a couple of weeks the Israelis were fed up and counterattacked. Headlines the next day read “Israel breaks ceasefire.” I’m not making this up, it actually happened…and it was on Fox News! God knows how the NYT covered it. Not to mention the constant use of Pali stringers by the wire services, despite the number of times they’ve been caught photoshopping pictures, and sending in “Pallywood” footage as news.
    What are your specific complaints with the linked presentation? Nothing jumped out at me but that’s not to say there wasn’t something I missed.

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