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  1. Hud,

    I know the NYT has long been a moutpiece for the left, but I find it hard to disagree with this statement. You seem to reject (and rightfully so) a lot of the domestic policy of the this and past governments, but always seem to side with them on issues of foreign policy (especially during the G.W.Bush reign).

    They’ve fooled us about AGW, they’ve heinously overspent, and told lies upon lies, what makes you think that this issue would be any different? The MSM went along with it, and I think that has to be the first sign that something could be amiss. They sold us that a dude in a cave was responsible for 911, and that Iraq was a genuine threat. Both of which is bullshit.

    The same criminal globalist fucks have running the show since JFK, what makes you think they’d play by the book in case?

  2. They never attacked Iraq on the basis a link. It was a laundry list of things like WMDs, broken treaties, etc. The Bush administration never said Saddam was linked to 9/11. But the left keeps claiming they did. Just like they claim the Bush admin said they were traitors and unpatriotic which is also false. That came from bloggers and some commentators. People like Krugman are crazed ideologues.

    As for the war, I was and still am in favor of the stated goal of trying to bring stability to a messed up region. I do believe it’s possible. However, as it’s SOP, they completely screwed things up and it took them three times as long as it should have.

    And yes, a lot of greedy bastards got rich off the war. That always happens when boatloads of tax dollars are thrown up in the air. You’re seeing that now with TARP and will see it with his Green programs.

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