Imbeciles at the Gate

I didn’t want to turn into an Obama basher, like those annoying Bush bashers of the past 8 years. But he’s making it really hard to be civil. He’s basically doing just about everything wrong. He’s makng Jimmy Carter look like a political mastermind.

Aside from adding exponentially to our debt till it’s reaching 11 trillion dollars (so far), his cap and trade laws will destroy our economy. Basically doing more damage to our economy than has already been done.

President Obama’s climate plan could cost industry close to $2 trillion, nearly three times the White House’s initial estimate of the so-called “cap-and-trade” legislation, according to Senate staffers who were briefed by the White House.

A top economic aide to Mr. Obama told a group of Senate staffers last month that the president’s climate-change plan would surely raise more than the $646 billion over eight years the White House had estimated publicly, according to multiple a number of staffers who attended the briefing Feb. 26.

Those costs will be passed on to the consumer. And they will be taxing us for our energy use, or car use, the list will go on, until you think that Beatle’s song “Taxman” is too modest.

See, they are making us so deep in debt, they can use that as an excuse to tax us worse than Sweden, where the tax rate can be as high as 90%.

People are getting really irate out there. So the politicians are making scapegoats out of people like the AIG execs who are getting bonuses. They are putting on these show trials. But it was politicians like Senator Dodd who left loopholes in so these bonuses could happen, Isn’t it interesting that Dodd and Obama were big recipients of AIG donations in the last election? Gee.

This administration isn’t only incompetent, they are making the alleged corruption of the Bush administration look saintly by comparison. The same kind of insider deal making is happening, but on a much bigger scale. And I remember when the Democrats used to scream about Reagan’s 3 trillion dollar deficit. At least he spent it on defense. Obama left defense out of his huge spendulus bill.

I’m beginning to wonder how long it’ll be before we hear calls for impeachment. I didn’t even imagine that would happen last year when he was elected. But now I think it could happen. Hell, Obama may even want to be impeached just to get out of the mess he’s in and obviously can’t deal with.

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  1. The whole AIG mess demonstrates a couple of things about Liberal Democrats in general.

    When they get in trouble, scapegoat somebody else.

    If they don’t understand rules of basic economics and CONTRACTS, use the old class warfare argument. LIE about the truth and blame their messes on somebody else.

    These tactics have been effective in the past and continue to work for a large number of people who just don’t understand capitalism and can’t appreciate that life is occasionally going to kick you in the butt and you are not always going to win.

    Scapegoating will never go away… it’s part of human nature.

    My concern about the contracts is that IF the Democrats will not honor their deals — written IN BLACK INK –, what will they honor? This is setting a bad precedent for the future and will make anybody who works hard question why they’re making the effort they do.

    IF government is not going to honor simply worded contracts and you’re not going to get the bonuses you WERE PROMISED for fulfilling your end of a deal, what the hell is all that work worth then?? You cannot just break contracts because they’re politically inconvenient for you!!!!

    This is bad business all around. We already have too many people scamming government and those who exist to live on hand-outs and behave irresponsibly. Do we really WANT more people like that? How is the behavior of the current White House and Congress going to convince more people that their extra work/work ethic/personal ethics are worth keeping when it’s obvious that the word of an elite class is worth crap?

    The Obama Administration and the current Congressional leadership (Pelosi, Reid, and all the other rotten rest who are writing and breaking these bills and agreements) are not good role models for the rest of our society. RESPONSIBLE, HARD-WORKING people need to get more angry at these folks and follow through on threats to get them voted out. We can’t get much more demoralized than we already are. Action is what’s needed.

    If your local politicians ARE collaborating with Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest in this mess and are NOT acting in the country’s best interests, DO the right thing and vote them out the next election!

  2. What they’re doing to punish the bonus recipients is unconstitutional. It’s against the law. Of course, what do they care of such things? They don’t even seem to know what the constitution says. They are so much worse than a Bush hater’s fantasies about how evil Republicans are.

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