Impeach Pelosi, Hoyer

Remember when the Dems complained that the previous administration was calling anti-war protesters unpatriotic and unAmerican? The only problem is, the Bush administration never did that. Only bloggers and right wing commentators did that.

But this time something worse is going on. Far worse. Reps Nancy Pelosi and Steven Hoyer wrote an article in USA Today calling Obamacare protesters “UnAmerican”. Yes, they re saying people expressing their right to free speech and dissent, unAmerican.

Apparently, these congress creeps have forgotten the first amendment. For that and a host of other offences, they should be canned. Enough is enough. Pelosi is a poison in the body politic.

She is an embarrassment to the Dems. But seeing how full of hubris they are, I doubt she will be gotten rid of any time soon. She’s a millstone around their neck and she’ll drag them down to the bottom of the swamp. Watch.

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  1. Between the White House wanting you to report on anyone who disseminates “fishy” information and Pelosi saying that protesting is “un-American”, maybe they should start a Congressional committee that will combine both sections.

    What would they call it? I know – the “House Un-American Activities Committee”.

    Why not? It worked before, didn’t it?

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