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  1. Madhouse does nice work on original Japanese properties like Paprika and Devil Hunter Yohko but these Western-planned anime wannabes almost never come off well.

    To top it off, I really don’t care for the people designs, either. It was cute when bishonen (pretty boy designs) were new 15 years ago — around the time of Gundam Wing –, but the whole design philosophy has been overused and frankly I’m tired of these ambiguously gay-looking characters.

    Doesn’t work either when they try to adapt Bryan Hitch, either. In fact, the only mainstream cartoonists/comic book guys that seem to adapt well to animation are Gil Kane and Jack Kirby. Everybody’s else design philosophies pretty fall flat because of the limited animation aspect of TV animation. IE, the more sophisticated a character design is, the worse it will look when people realize it’s not moving that much!

    Design is a problem I’ve had with recent DC Animated Movies, too. Why oh why are they trying to look so much like the recent comics when those art styles just do not translate well for the reasons I stated above? Bruce Timm and the other producer should know better! It’s amazing they can create all those style sheets for Batman: The Animated Series (see Batman: Animated by Paul Dini) and yet they’re breaking all their rules and producing inferior work nowadays IMHO.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold frequently works better than the latest direct-to-video films because the older comic book design philosophies (mid-1940s to early 1960s) works better in TV. Heck, it would look better in full animation, too, and maybe there wouldn’t be so many feature animation artists with carpal tunnel as there are now!

    The more they overthink this stuff, the worse it turns out whether it’s the story they F#$@ up or the design styles of the shows. They’ve screwed up both with Marvel since the 1990s.

    Mark my words, a lot of Marvelites will NOT like this anime-lite series much at all. A bunch of fans still don’t get into animation, period, because of the prevailing mentality that all animation is for kids. They think it has to be tentacle rape-porn and full of swearing before it’s considered adult, too. Considering the EIC at Marvel nowadays, I kind of think it’s somewhat appropriate. The current DC regime is just as clueless, too…

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