It's the Sun, Dummies

Last month the Heartland Institute had a conference on Climate Change in New York. 800 scientists were there. 34,000 scientists have signed their petition that Climate Change is natural and not man made. You can download speeches, PDF files and power points from their lectures. They make many compelling arguments.

For example, this shows the climate over many thousands of years. Notice there were plenty of warming periods before we have factories or cars, or the earth even had people.

This one shows there is no correlation between CO2 and rising temperatures. None. But the sun’s activity, yes. There is tons of evidence to suggest the sun causes warmer temps. Gosh, what a surprise.

The sun makes the earth warmer. We’re in a period of decreased solar activity and lo and behold, the earth is cooling.

And to think plenty of fools on the AGW side deny this. But the public is losing interest in the whole subject. Obama and his ideologues are in for some blowback, I think.

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  1. One of the things that blew me away about these the-science-is-settled types was that the temperatures were also rising on MARS. But the sun still had NOTHING TO DO with global warming.

    I guess Marvin bought a fleet of SUVs, or something.

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