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  1. Crowder is mediocre comedian at best. He sounds like he stepped out of the late 80s/ early 90s stand up scene with a forced wide eyed delivery mixed with modern overused youtube jump cuts. Why would Stewart have him on the show? He’s not good enough yet. Maybe one day.

    Stewart is a lot of things but he’s never come across as a coward or a pussy as you call him on facebook. He’s also very funny. Worth watching for anything trying their hand at political humour. Crowder and I do have the same home town so Greenfield Park Que represent! 

    • The Daily Show told Crowder they don’t book conservative pundits, which is extremely pathetic. All they do is book politicians, which is like shooting fish in a barrel. 

      Stewart is pretty dishonest as he is a big fan of deceptive editing to make his alleged points. The very thing he accuses conservatives like Brietbart of doing

      • It’s the same as when a girl tells you, “It’s not you, it’s me”. They were being polite in their rejection letter. 

        Why would they have Crowder on? Jon is a much quicker wit so on the comedy side of things and he wouldn’t be able to keep up.  Which just leaves the pundit angle.  And just in general, why would they have a conservative pundit on when they can have actual conservative newsmakers, which they do. The Tonight Show doesn’t have TV critics on, they have TV stars. Unless Steve writes a book with an interesting angle to it or runs for public office, there’s no reason for the Daily Show to have him on.

        Jon goes on Fox News and holds his own. That doesn’t feel like what a coward does. You’ll never see Glenn Beck on the Daily Show. 

        Maybe the next time a network tries to make a right wing version of the Daily Show (it’s happened before and it’ll happen again) he should try out for it. Or he should just keep doing what he’s doing until someone builds a show around him. Hopefully he’ll get some more practice in first. 

        • Sounds a lot like rationalization to me, Ian. He’s not as smart as he gets credit for nor is he very honest. Ideologues aren’t funny except to fellow ideologues. 

          • When has he come across as unintelligent? He and Colbert do the smartest political comedy around today. I understand they have writers but when they get into an interview situation both hold their own whether on their home base or on Fox News. 

            Crowder is a generic comedian with good looks a strong work ethic. He takes broad overly generalized positions which is fine for your local comedy club or for a college crowd or for youtube. But the Daily Show and Colbert Report are smarter and sharper than he is currently. He’s not up to their speed. Maybe one day he will be. Maybe he’ll make his own show and it’ll be great but for now he’s fine for the venues he’s currently in.  He’s at the level he should be. 

            It is tricky to do comedy with a conservative slant. The conservative position traditionally falls into the trap of cheap shots. The gag you do in the picture above is “Oh no I’m scared!” which is a well you’ve gone too a couple of times with your Obama  strips. You’ve made his wife a gluttonous diva. You call Nancy Pelosi Bitchwoman, But more often than not he’s just a lazy guy who’s always on vacation and doesn’t give a damn. Oh and according to you he’s got a small penis. What is any of that except cheap insults? What merit does it have except to make people who don’t like this administration say “you tell ’em?”. 

            Your latest Useful Idiots has the MSNBC crew as cheerleaders for Obama. The exact same joke could have been done for FOX NEWS with cheerleaders for Bush.  If the joke remains the same when you change the target it’s a generic gag as a political comment has no teeth. 

            Stewart and Colbert do dick jokes as well, but there’s a point behind them. There’s satire. There’s an angle and more than one layer. They don’t just come on, roll their eyes and act like anyone who doesn’t agree with them is stupid then pass that off as humour. Which is what Crowder does. Which is what your comic strips do. Which is what conservative comedy has to get past or it’ll keep being generic and doing nothing preaching to the choir with jokes that could just as easily be flipped and the target changed from liberal to conservative. 

            Sorry, said I wouldn’t post here anymore and after this I won’t. As a comedian the idea that Crowder got a raw deal just was too much. 


          • Geez, you sure like to run on and on to make your alleged points. They are just your opinion. As are mine. I don’t see Stewart as being this brilliant mind some people claim he is because he is an ideologue. I do give him credit for occasionally pointing out some obvious things Democrats do that are BS, But he is nothing more than a palace guard. Comedians should be mocking the powerful, pointing out their failings, so being fluffers to the ruling class. And that is why I find  the Daily Show’s excuse pathetic. And no, I don’t buy your explanation. They could have said it 100 different ways but that’s what they said? It was probably an honest statement by them. 

            FYI: Just because I mock you heroes doesn’t make me a conservative. You keep wanting to paint me in a corner because apparently you have a binary way of looking at the world. If you were as insightful as you seem to think you are, you’d realize there are many different ways of looking at things other than goodguy/badguy

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