Justice League Doom

DC has a new animated movie out and its good, I watched it last night. It was written by the late Dwayne McDuffie who always did a good job with the Justice League. I suppose this must be his last project, which is sad. But I recommend it.

Immortal Vandal Savage assembles a team of super-villains to take out the League, and the twist is he uses info stolen from Batman’s own computers to find the right method to do the job.

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  1. You must have gotten an advance copy through mail or something… The wide release isn’t until the 28th of February!
    Yeah, it’s a shame about McDuffie…

    Still, I wish DC could do more than just projects about Superman and Batman but the fanbase and general public are ignorant about the other characters.

    The OVA’s about Wonder Woman and GL haven’t sold well although everything after Superman: Doomsday has generally been much better.  (Doomsday is still the top seller to date as far as I know…  Can’t gauge the public’s tastes sometimes!)  GL: Emerald Knights was an excellent OVA but people are stuck on the idea of one overall story as opposed to a linked anthology series; they weren’t crazy about Batman: Gotham Knights, either.

    I still think the classic parallel Earths story, “The Flash of Two Worlds,” would be a great story within a story for a REAL JLA/JSA crossover.  I’m talking about an adaptation based on the original comic, not Morrison’s rewrite.  Do that story and tie it into a crossover that involves the Injustice Society/Legion of Doom/League of Super-Villains, etc.  I think a re-appearance of the Crime Syndicate wouldn’t be merited; it’s had its own OVA anyhow.

    The parallel Earths concept is better than anything DC’s done with a unified Earth since 1985 even though I think the 52-Earths is fairly lame now…

    Dark Knight’s coming later this year…  I don’t know  how good the Superman OVA following JL: Doom will be, though.  Other than All-Star Superman, Kingdom Come, and Justice League: The Nail, I haven’t generally liked the Superman stories done since the early 1990s.

    Most of the writers today just don’t get Superman starting from the top editor down at DC…

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