Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye

As if the NSA snooping on everyone’s phone and email wasn’t enough, and the police scanning everyone’s license plates creating a database of your movements, there is also the eye in the sky. Now, its even become commercially available to see real time satellite images. They can zoom to a meter square image and see cards and planes from the air with ease.

Than then you have Google Glass and a host of others like it coming out where people can stream what they see to a server and save the info. They can identify you by looking at you. All of this will only get more sophisticated. To the point where you can have no expectation of privacy anymore, just like a celebrity.

So those who wanted to be famous may get to find out what its like., Perhaps the news will be about live feeds of ordinary people screwing up. Imagine if every time you tripped or spilled something on your clothes became a youtube video.

Getting pretty crazy out there.

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