Republican from South Carolina Joe Wilson said it during Obama’s speech. Notice Nancy Pelosi’s expression.

I think McCain is wrong when he said it was disrespectful later. Respect is a two way street. Obama’s speech was partisan and full of lies. He deserves the public’s contempt, which he is getting more and more each day.

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  1. The Dems used to yell and make a fuss during Reagan and Bush’s speeches. But that’s down the media black hole, of course. I suspect YouTube videos will begin popping up soon, though.
    The staggering lies of the current administration, protected by their propaganda wing, the MSM, are getting so bad that it’s no wonder people are starting to crack. Wilson is dead right–it *is* a blatant lie, as many people have been proving since the speech by simply showing the appropriate excerpt from the bill. The bill says illegals will get no health care…then specifically forbids asking patients for any proof of citizenship. When the Republicans noticed this blatant loophole, they tried to add a clause that require a citizenship test…and were shot down by the Dems on a 100% partisan vote. They know exactly what they are doing. Of course the MSM will repeat the “deny care” clause endlessly without mentioning the “get out of jail free” card tacked onto it.
    What Wilson did is more of a true case of “speaking truth to power” than anything the liberals have ever done.
    And who cares what McCain says. He’s a RINO with a spine of pudding.

  2. God, I can’t wait to vote AGAINST McCain in the 2010 Primary. Granted, we’re likely stuck with him until he dies, but it’ll still make me feel good.

  3. So – just so I have the rules straight…

    The POTUS can get up in front of the entire country and call thousands of Americans “liars” for telling the truth.

    Yet one person is NOT allowed to stand up and call him a liar when *he* tells a series of outright lies.

    Monarchy has its benefits, I guess.

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