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  1. Talk about “on the nose” story telling.

    I don’t think “Despicable Me” has anything to worry about in the “anti-hero” genre from this thing.

      • Yes it was good. The kids loved it and the story and jokes kept the adults entertained as well.

        Not that “good” or “bad” enters how much money it made, but it was likely the second most profitable movie after AVATAR, which is pretty good for had a budget of about 70 mill and has just grossed 250mill US and over 400 mill total.

        What’s really remarkable though is that this is the first film out of the gate for a new animation studio. Hopefully they don’t wreck it with subseqeunt sequels.

  2. Lately,

    A bunch of Progressive comedians have been doing animated films.

    They’re the only sure way these guys will get anybody to see their films.

    Anybody actually see the last live-action films that Fey or Ferrell did? In real life, I don’t think Ferrell in particular is a nice guy. Guy’s kind of a know-it-all asshat and jerk. Very, very different from the majority of his on-screen persons… (His Bush-jokes were old ten years before Bush’s last day in office.)

    People got to see animated films because of characters and situations.

    I wish the studio heads would stop the stunt-casting and just let the much better voice talent do these films.

    (That still wouldn’t keep budgets on most of these films down. Creative ways would still be found to waste money instead of paying ‘celebatards’ $10mil a piece to do voices. Probably wasted on executive Colombian snow…)

    A lot of “celebrities” are not-so-good at voice performance and this frankly shortchanges the better people in the craft.

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