My Future Book Plans

My first novel will probably launch in October 2013. It will be a valuable learning process for me because I am going the indie book route using ebook distribution and small press fulfillment companies for the print version. None the less, however my first book does I have plans for more.

Currently, I am looking to do an Age of Heroes book a year in the fall. And another series in the spring. This new series I will announce after I get this book out. I will say that it’s a long planned superhero series set in current times that will be my re-imagining of the superhero concept. A short description is Superheroes for Grownups. This will be a real world take on superheroes. But having seen many people do that sort of thing, from Watchmen to Kick-Ass, I can promise you it will be nothing like those comics.

It will be wholly Hud-Style. 🙂

It will also be my most ambitious project because I’ve been thinking about it for over a decade and it will get into areas few people touch in comics or literature. I may be reaching way beyond my abilities. That remains to be seen. But I don’t think a writer gets better by playing it safe. I am going to push myself to the limit. And beyond.

The first book in this series will be out around my birthday in April. I’ve already started on it.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a little kid. But when I started I was more interested in writing novels. However, I got so much comics work it kept me busy and to be honest I was intimidated by how tough the book world is. I’ve talked to so many writers and I know a few. Making it is not easy and the advances are not great. So you could work for a year or more on a novel and only get a $2,000 advance (or less!). And then the book comes out and the publisher doesn’t care. It just gets swept under the rug with a zillion other books.

And there are other reasons, I suppose. One personal reason is, while I have plenty of confidence in my abilities, I didn’t feel I was ready for a long time. I felt I needed to improve. And the years zipped by.

Well now, the digital publishing industry has leveled the playing field making it possible to skip the publishing house hustle and go direct yourself. It’s still a very intimidating field to take on yourself but one of the advantages of being older is I no longer care about that. I’m a very stubborn guy. I will fight the fight. If the odds are impossible, it doesn’t scare me. Been there, done that.

You see, there is something I have yearned in my long career as a mostly independent creator. Once you do something, you have something. Once written, you have written. And once you have something it can find new readers. If you keep your work timeless, which I always strive to do, your work can stay relevant.

History judges the artist’s viability, but I have always found comfort in the fact that not all great artists were appreciated when they started. Some weren’t in their lifetimes. The only thing you can do is create the work, give it your best effort and hope that people find it worthwhile. Don’t worry about the present. Get the work done!

I want to make up for all the years I didn’t write by doing a lot of books. I will strive to make quality that lives up to standards that I believe in.

So here I go…

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  1. I’m your first sale, Hud. Age of Heroes is one of my all-time favorite comic series. I want it in color, I want the novel. And the superhero concept sounds great. Looking forward to your prose.

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