Obama and the Pirates

I’m glad Obama did the right thing and dealt with the pirates militarily. However, the way he hemmed and hawed in the beginning and acted like we might not have the authority was lame. As soon as the pirates were dealt with he took all the credit for it which was ridiculous. The US Navy dealt with them. They deserve all the credit. There was no need for a presidential order. It’s absurd the administration made it seem like that. There are maritime laws covering piracy and they gave the navy all the authority they needed.

Once again the Dems like to take credit for things they really had little to do with. This was a matter for the American Military. Not politicians. It wasn’t even an international incident since the pirates are from a country that is essentially lawless. A failed state.

We’ll see if Obama takes things to shorts of Somalia and blows up some McMansions, as a message to stop the piracy. As long as they think it’s profitable, they will keep doing it until someone makes it a nightmare for them. I have a feeling he won’t. He’s already wimping out on Iran.

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  1. If this was some guy with hostages in Houston, and a SWAT team took him out because of “immanent danger” to the hostages, do you think Obama would be preening? In fact, would the SWAT team have needed White House approval to do it? We seem to literally have less ability to deal with terrorists overseas than criminals in the US itself. Something is very wrong with this picture, and there will be trouble because of it.
    I will also note that after Obama supposedly made the high seas safe for all yesterday via his firm military action, there were four new hijackings today. See how they fear The One!
    Some people have noted that the piracy has been around for a while and Bush didn’t do anything about it. Well, during the Bush administration, the pirates left America-flagged ships the hell alone. So why should he have bothered to do anything about it? Let the French and the Germans and so on take care of themselves for a change.

  2. Yep. No one wanted to mess with Bush. A lot of them thought he was crazy. But the bottom line is, in the rest of the world Might Makes Right. Show them who’s boss and they will leave you alone. Look like a rich target and they will all come after you. We’re in for a world of hurt under Obama. Watch.

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