Obama Is Over

Today another judge ruled Obamacare is unconstitutional. 27 states (a majority) are suing to get out of it. Obamacare is arguably the biggest accomplishment of his administration, even though he didn’t really do any work to get it done except give a few speeches. But it may go down in flames now.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, as Egypt erupted in flames and riots President Obama partied and watched basketball. One of our major allies in the middle east may end up going to crazed Islamists, like Iran did under Jimmy Carter. If that happens the Middle East may be engaged in even more extreme conflict just as Obama is planning to bail out on Iraq and Afghanistan. He will go down as the worst president in history if that happens.

Meanwhile, gas and food prices are shooting higher. Unemployment is not improving. And Darrel Issa hasn’t even revved up his planned investigations into the administration.

This year may prove to be a bad one for many people, including the president who makes Jimmy Carter look like a genius by comparison.

There are still plenty of people who refuse to see what’s obvious, that this administration is in way over its head, but they will find their delusions increasingly difficult to maintain in the wake of what’s going down. The pathetic handling of the Egyptian crisis and the cluelessness of Obama, Biden, Clinton has been appalling.

America made a huge mistake when it handed the presidency to an untried, inexperienced man with no real accomplishments to his name other than getting elected to higher office. The damage he is doing may last long after he’s done. When Jimmy Carter threw the Shah of Iran under the bus, the tree of Islamic terrorism began to grow and 9/11 was its bitter fruit. Let us hope things don’t degenerate worse than they already have.

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  1. Unfortunately, a lot of people thought Clinton was gone at this point as well.

    1. Obamacare isn’t dead yet. It will take maybe a year to get it in front of the SCOTUS and wierder things have happened than a majority ruling we’re all potential slaves to the Federal government.

    2. 50 percent chance Obama could come out of the Egypt thing smelling like a rose by doing nothing – this will last for at least 2 years until the eventual Islamic coup. Enough to help get him re-elected.

    3. Help from the stupid party: a substantial portion of the GOP are some breed of Rino – they’re what’s left of the Scoop Jackson wing of the old Democrats who migrated to redstate land when they were kicked out by the left radicals. They will likely muddy the waters between tax and spend Democrats and tax and spend Republicans to the extent of nominating some horrifiying creature like Romney or Huckabee.

    4. Sarah Palin not equal Ronald Reagan as a campaigner, and may well have been assassinated by then anyway.

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