Obamacare Appointment

This president obviously doesn’t care about the law. He’s even got a Democrat controlled congress and still pulls this stunt.

President Obama will bypass Congress and appoint Dr. Donald M. Berwick, a health policy expert, to run Medicare and Medicaid, the White House said Tuesday.
Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director, said the “recess appointment” was needed to carry out the new health care law. The law calls for huge changes in the two programs, which together insure nearly one-third of all Americans.

Isn’t it fascinating that the guy they pick is an expert in health care rationing? And this after all the promises they made that there would be no rationing under Obamacare, which like all other promises Obama has made is an obvious lie.

They are trying to say the recess appointment is because of mean old Republicans trying to block him. But why would they do that unless, you know, there’s a problem here.

Meanwhile, the blatantly racist tanning tax is in effect now. It’s just one of the many taxes Obamacare is bringing to America.


UPDATE: It seems he’s a Socialized Medicine fan. Surprise!

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  1. blatantly racist tanning tax

    Get with the program, James. It's not racism to discriminate against the oppressors because they're in control.

    Sort of.

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