Obama's Hope a Dope

President Obama is seeing falling poll numbers (despite what some in the MSM are claiming) and he’s realized he has to do something to keep the public from switching to torches and pitchfork mode. So he’s decided to stop with the negativity and go back to his hope messenger pose.

Confronting misgivings, even in his own party, President Barack Obama mounted a stout defense of his blueprint to overhaul the economy Thursday, declaring the national crisis is “not as bad as we think” and his plans will speed recovery. Challenged to provide encouragement as the nation’s “confidence builder in chief,” Obama said Americans shouldn’t be whipsawed by bursts of either bad or good news and he was “highly optimistic” about the long term.

The whole hope mantra helped get him elected. Once he was elected Obama had to use fear to get people to go along with his insane budget plans. Using the old “we’re in the worst crisis evar!!!” cty that Democrats like to trot out constantly, he managed to scare up enough votes to get bills passed that put future generations of Americans in debt.

But now the natives are getting restless. People are starting to eye the nearest sharp objects. And so P.O.’s changing his tune as the markets sink even faster than his own ratings.

All that’s certain is his failure to put a cabinet together that isn’t full of tax cheats and crooks, Obama is running out of “I inherited this mess” excuses. He’s been in office 7 weeks now and he’s got to start showing some progress or Bush hatred is going to look nostalgic by comparison.

They’re already making videos about how Obama is part of a big conspiracy.

Obama may have done a great sales job on the American public last year. But now he has to actually deliver on his promises. And the expectations were so high it’s doubtful he’ll manage to do better than disappoint the faithful.


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