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Another dictator bites the dust. Like so many leftists before him, Hugo Chavez turned one of the richest countries in Latin America into a financial basket case with one of the highest crime rates in the world and the least amount of freedom. Time and time again, when leftists have power, they ruin economies and take away the people’s freedom, all the while promising the opposite.

Chavez famously decided to get his cancer treated in Cuba, famous for its socialized medicine and we saw the results. Socialized medicine is toxic as we will soon discover as Obamacare destroys what was once the world’s greatest health care system.

Soon Fidel Castro and his brother (who said he’s retiring) will be out of the picture. That removes two of the biggest socialist icons in the world. It remains to be seen what happens in the wake of Chavez’ death, but Cuba us slowly moving towards a market state, It may seem like leftists are on the rise with Obama in a second term and Hollande in France with his insane taxes, but the people are getting angry and I suspect a backlash is building against the destruction lefties are leaving in their wake.

The world economy is an unbelievable mess, due to the largess of the “blue model” state. When we come out of the other side of the pending global meltdown there will be a much different world.

UPDATE: Like all other leftist dictators, Chavez was also a thief who robbed his people of their wealth. This quote sums up how he was typical of his kind.

A former paratrooper, Mr. Chávez had a radical vision for “21st Century Socialism,” which was never fully explained. His skillful rhetoric, which filled supporters with utopian dreams, was used to justify the methodical destruction of Venezuela’s democratic institutions and the free market.

Monsters of the left always promise utopia while delivering hell.

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  1. But, but, but…………..Michael Moore said…

    Someone quick, i-view MM on Hugo’s socialism induced fast-track demise.

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