Roger Friedman Fired

Roger Friedman, who wrote the Fox411 column on their news site, was just fired for admitting in his column that he pirated the new Wolverine: Origin movie that is due in theaters in May.

Fox considers it a blow that the film was leaked so early on piracy sites like The Pirate Bay and that it’s a good copy, with only some FX unfinished.

Friedman has been writing the column for 10 years. I have been reading iot about that long. He was able to scoop a lot of stuff, but he also had vendettas against some people like Tom Cruise and would go out of his way to trash them at every turn. A good example was his constant criticism of the Valkyrie movie way before it was even made, and after it came out even though he admits to never having seen it.

When you read the comments about his firing on some sites it’s clear he is not liked by a lot of people. Of course, a lot of those people are Fox haters. It always gets me how bent out of shape people get over Fox when all the other cable news outlets suck vastly more.

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  1. That’s too bad and shows a lack of judgment on Friedman’s part. He should have NEVER written that he d’lded Wolverine — especially when he’s working for the company that produced the film!!!!

    He didn’t leak the film, Hud… He VIEWED the leak which probably originated from a PR or FX company. Friedman’s mistake was talking very openly about it especially when Fox was in the middle of an investigation of that leak!

    I thought most of his columns were fine but agree that as odious as Tom Cruise may seem to people that he should not have trashed “Valkyrie” before it was released. Frankly, though, a lot of online gossip and entertainment sites do the same thing including AICN.

    I think the fact that a lot of people trashing Friedman now are NOT Fox fans speaks a lot more about those people and their hateful mentality than entertainment journalism of which Friedman belongs to. He doesn’t really do much different than ET, E!, or People do regularly…

  2. While I’m sure there’s some overlap, a good deal of the Fox hate (in this case) is specifically aimed at the movie studio rather than the cable channel. Mostly because of it’s perceived misuse of Marvel characters in a few movies here and there. Also, the legal issue with Watchmen, and in the case of Ain’t It Cool News, there was a previous situation where the studio caused the firing of a movie theatre employee because he reviewed a movie too early (FF2 if I recall correctly).

    I started to watch the leaked copy, and then stopped, cuz it actually looked like something I might want to check out in the theatre.


  3. Edshugeo,

    You’re probably right about the Fox hate. But I think it’s Brett Ratner that F’ed up the X-Men franchise. The new movie will probably do ok, even though it was leaked. Taken was leaked too and did really well. Most movies are on pirate sites as soon as they come out. I’m not sure it will matter ion teh long run. We shall see.

    As for Friedman, I found his column pretty good most of the time. But he does get a bug up his ass every now and then, like calling Valkyrie the worse movie of the year and he never even saw it.

    He was pretty good about Michael Jackson intel, not that it matters anymore.

  4. Why are we injecting Marvel into this? WHO CARES???? ( => Only comic book fans, and a lot less than 1% of the US population actually reads comic book anymore.)

    That’s not the point, here.

    What we have is a very stupid column by a guy infatuated with his own column (and overly grandiose sense of power it seems) who was contracted by the conglomerate whose studio produced the movie that he downloaded!

    Frankly, I could care less if people torrent, download, or whatever. It’s your time, your risk….

    HOWEVER, if you’re working for a company that is doing an active investigation of a leak of its film AND you write and practically brag about reviewing said-leak, you’re an idiot!!! That’s the point people are missing. To begin with, he should never have downloaded the film in the first place because he knew it was Fox property. After that, he shouldn’t have written about it…

    Sheesh! Roger Friedman was asking to be let go.

    This is like NDA for any company you sign a contract to work for. You don’t talk about certain things, and you don’t leak certain information. It’s spelled out in black-and-white writing because there are too many Friedmans out there who have no common sense.

  5. It was an unbelievably bad movie. Especially considering he had this job for 10 years and got to travel all over the place to see celebs do their thing. I doubt he’ll easily find a good replacement job very soon.

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