Romney Won

Last night’s debate was kind of karmic as Mitt Romney did to President Obama what he did to John McCain in the 2008 Debates. Look presidential and calm while the other guy look agitated and defensive. Romney won not just on the facts, but also by being honest where Obama wasn’t. In the age of the internet you can’t tell whoppers and get away with it. You also need to have command of the facts. President Obama’s joke about horses and bayonets will haunt him since the military still uses both and horses were prominently used in Afghanistan.

In the end, Obama can’t run from his failed record as president and Romney drove it home over and over again. Watch Obama slide even more in the next two weeks. The desperation he showed last night was very telling. A incumbent shouldn’t be so agitated. They should look like the calm one.

Obama looked like a loser to most people. Romney looked like a winner. In many people’s minds, the decision on November 6 will be an easy one.

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  1. The current administration kind of reminds you of the Titanic, doesn’t it? Obama really is Edward James Smith…

    The Titanic’s captain was a “seasoned” veteran who never faced a real challenge but had a record of “minor” mishaps/accidents (with various ships) during his commands.

    The ONE time in his career — allegedly his retirement cruise (although there’s some disagreement about that)! — where it really counts to hold together, the guy loses it and is basically catatonic and can’t issue orders or do ANYTHING fast enough because he’s ultimately in over his head and just not equipped to deal with the situation…. so other officers under his command take the initiative and other lower crew members (including one of the ship’s bakers!) do their part to save as many people as possible.

    Amazing — everybody else but the guy who’s SUPPOSED to hold it together conducts themselves well and become heroes that night. (I hear this kind of @#$! still happens with some of the Italian and Greek cruise liners after accidents… Don’t want to slur the entire populations of either ethnicity — and it’s the Europeans and NOT US citizens/US shipping authorities at fault; the level of professionalism and training just isn’t there overseas in many countries…)

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