Snow Dayz

I hate the snow and refuse to live in snow country. Maybe it’s because I lived in warm climates most of my life, but I just don’t enjoy it. My last experience was in 2009 when I got showed in up in Washington. It was only a couple feet of snow but that was bad enough because I lived back off a road and had to get a neighbor to use his mini-plow to clear my drive way. And then driving over icy roads, and worrying about pipes freezing, no thanks!

So you have my sympathy if you are dealing with it right now. I told my nephew, who moved to Minnesota last year, Winter is coming. He now knows what that means for real and not the abstract.

Fortunately, it rarely snows in San Diego. I can even wear a tee-shirt during the daytime. I appreciate the snow in movies and maybe looking out a window inside a warm house, but that’s about it.

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