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  1. How could anybody not say that Obama doesn’t take such fascistic, authoritarian lines with so much of his political agenda and legislation?

    What is it with liberals and their fascination with real-life dictators and would-be dictators? It’s a joke to say these guys love freedom when it’s so obvious they’re legislating personal freedoms to extinction!

    Yet the funny thing is if you look behind the curtains many of these same liberals are breaking the laws they supposedly support! How many of these guys passing anti-smoking legislation are smokers themselves and yet they stink up their personal residences, too! It’s just the little paeons who can’t smoke in private or public ANYWHERE!

    And that two-facedness would go on for so many other things as well.

    It’s no wonder people hate his ideas and detest him when they strip away that rehearsed speech…! It has nothing to do with his race or alleged birthplace for most of his opponents. His ideas and blatant hypocrisy suck so hard that it’s hard to really like or even respect him.

    His cheeziness and willingness to sell the White House’s private rooms to any celebrity campaign donor for an overnight stay is of a magnitude even worse than Bill Clinton!

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