Some Movie Reviews

I saw a few films lately. Here are my quick reviews.

TRUE GRIT: An excellent, superb film. I did not look at it as a remake of the John Wayne picture. I put that out of my mind and just appreciated it on its own. As such, it is one of the finest westerns of recent years. Tremendous dialog and acting all around.

THE KING’S SPEECH: Another superb movie. You would think the story of a man teaching king George the sixth not to stutter wouldn’t be that interesting, but it was in fact a very warm, touching and sometimes funny film that was also about an important slice of history. The title has multiple meanings, but it mainly refers to the speech he has to give that tells the British citizens that their nation is going to war with Germany. It is an incredibly important speech, but George VI cannot string sentences together until he is taught how to do it.

THE FIGHTER: Another solid film with great acting and a good script. It’s this decade’s Rocky, without the schmaltz. Mark Wahlberg gives his usual low key performance, but he is good here as a boxer living in the shadow of his crack addicted older brother.

THE GREEN HORNET: Surprisingly, the movie doesn’t suck. Is it great? No. But I found it funny and actually laughed a bunch of places I was supposed to, which is more than I can say for a lot of movies. I was entertained. The trailer is misleading. It’s better than it looks.

NARNIA: VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER: Does a much better job than the last film and is fairly faithful to the books. It feels rather episodic, lacking the warmth that the books made me feel. None the less, a solid film.

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