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I was surfing the web to see what interesting stories there were and one leaped out at me that got on my nerves. On Reddit someone posted a vanity post, which is common there, that said the following:

Mr. Obama, if you cave on tax cuts for the rich, you will lose your most dedicated supporters. I am the one who defends you with great passion – but if you cave on tax cuts for the rich, if you let the republicans bully you around… AGAIN … Well.. You are big pussy – and I do not support pussies.
I am fine with my taxes going up, even a lot, even though I am totally struggling, JUST to stick it in the eye of the GOP.
Trickle down is nothing more than metaphor for rich people peeing on our heads.

Sounds like something a Millennial might post. It’s annoying how ignorant and brainwashed many people are, young and old. The media and our pathetic education system has done a good job of making willing slaves to the state. Let’s deal with some facts.

#1. We are in debt because of rampant government spending. And that is the work of the very politicians he is begging to tax him more (or the “rich”). It’s like a slave begging for more whiplashes. How much debt do we have? You’ve probably heard the $14 trillion dollar number. About equal to the entire gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States or the European Union. So where does it put us in the scheme of things? We’re the country that is the most in debt of all 190 countries on Earth. That is thanks to big government pushers in both parties. They’ve sold us down the river.

Want to know which country is the least indebted? China. How do you like that one?

#2. Raising taxes isn’t a solution to anything. It’s robbing people of their income to feed a voracious beast that is never sated. The government of the United States was, until recently, the #1 economy on earth for decades. The EU just topped us. Regardless, last year alone we took in $2.104 trillion in tax revenues. That’s down from previous years when it was around 2.5. That is more money than the GDP of all but the top six economies of the world. And that’s just our tax revenue. Yet, they couldn’t live with that, no. We took in 2.1 trillion dollars. Do you know how much we spent last year? $3.52 trillion. Yes, we spent 1.4 trillion dollars more than we took in. This is not new. We usually spend more than we take in. Under President Obama it has been in the trillion dollar range. But you can see that the issue here is spending. That is, if you’re sane. Because taxes will not be enough to fix this debt. The economy is hurting and that largely comes from the way we are taxed. We have some of the highest taxes in the developed world. It is hurting businesses and working families. More taxes will not fix the problem. The logical answer is to cut spending. And cut it by large amounts. Balancing the budget can be done without raising taxes.

It can be done. But politicians largely done’t have the political will. That is where voters come in, We have to make them do it.

The statists and the masochists who want more taxes always buy into the lie that more government is the solution to problems. The truth is the government creates the problems, makes them worse, then demands more money to “solve” the problem it creates in the first place. But of course, it never solves a single problem. Once a department is created, it tends to make matters worse. It always finds new ‘crises’ that need solving because they have to justify their existence.

Things have gotten so bad we’re now in the worst economy since the Great Depression and the Democrats want to make it worse by increasing taxes. Not just on income, but in a lot of other ways.

So when you hear someone say we need to raise taxes, on anyone. Rich or poor, hit them over the head with these facts. We need to stop this insanity.

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