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  1. Awesome … I always knew there was something fishy about Supersize Me … I always feel so healthy after having visited McD!

  2. I can’t stand fast food, myself. Only an occasional In and Out Burger.

    But a lot of claims Spurlock made were ridiculous. No one eats every meat at McDonalds or eats the way he did, and his claims on the effects were absurd. It would take more than a month to have those effects.

  3. the thing is you dont know what he ate all day and a food diary is a private thing and they wont give it out to everyone who asks for it. also in the movie the food nutritionist mention for him to cut down on the shakes; can i mention 1 mcdonalds chocolate shake is 1160 calories added with dinner THERES your 5000 calories buddy also he probably went for snacks or something once in a while.

  4. The bigger point here is this: who in their right mind goes to McDonald’s on a daily basis, three times a day, and expects to eat in a healthy manner?

    When people decide to make fast food a staple in their lives, they made a choice. It’s not like a McDonald’s crew member stands outside and taunts you if don’t go in.

    Food for thought: $15 worth of McDonald’s food in one day will buy you 1 carton of Egg Beaters (the equivalent of half a dozen eggs, except no cholesterol), enough bacon for a week, a quarter pound sirloin tip steak, a 5-lb.bag of potatoes, with $3-5 to spare (out here, anyways) for milk, coffee, tea, or soda. It’s better for you, better tasting, much more filling, and way cheaper – the only downside is that one has to cook for themselves (or, possibly, first learn to cook for themselves).

    I really don’t have any sympathy for folks who act like McDonald’s (or any other food chain) “made” them fat. It’s like people who only went to McDonald’s as a “treat” when they were kids decided that, when they grew up, they didn’t need to exercise any restraint, and then are surprised that they don’t feel too good. Well, duh.

  5. Personally, I hate McDonalds and most fast food. The only ones I like I rarely eat at. In N Out Burger, being one. I think I ate there twice this whole year.

  6. Website;
    You also just gave a good reason why we should completely ignore the bleatings of those who say “poor people aren’t getting enough to eat.” If you go into a supermarket, pick and choose carefully among the staples, and are prepared to take some time at home to, y’know, cook…it’s dirt cheap to feed yourself nutritiously in America. I was at Safeway the other day and found a huge (21 pound!) pork butt in the “soon to be expired, please buy this fast” bin. It cost $6. Yes, six dollars. I brought it home, roasted it, sliced and packed it for freezing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look for this sort of deal, plus loss leader sales and just plain old bargains.
    I also get a laugh at the people who say the reason these welfare cases eat at fast food places is that they are “too busy” to cook. They’re on freaking welfare! Time is all they have! My mother had two kids, a job, and cooked almost everything from scratch, including bread. I don’t want to hear some welfare queen sniveling about how she “doesn’t have time” to feed her rugrats anything but pizza and Bud Lite. Did you know a single mother of one in San Francisco qualifies for $250 a month in “food coupons and food aid”? Tomoko and I spent less than that last month and we eat healthily and very well.
    Of course the reason most people are poor these days is that they are lazy and stupid.

  7. “was at Safeway the other day and found a huge (21 pound!) pork butt in the “soon to be expired, please buy this fast” bin. It cost $6.”

    Wow. That’s enough pork butt to make five gigantic roasting pots of puerco pibil. Hell, you’d need a fifth of tequila just for flavoring; you wouldn’t have any tequila left after that!

    Granted, I’ve seen people buy goofy stuff with food stamps; what’s more amazing is how few people I know all around who actually cook for themselves. What’s funny is that a lot of stuff is really fast and easy to cook. Honestly, how long does a quarter-pound of ground beef (or a chicken breast, or a fish fillet) take to cook on medium heat? How about a couple of eggs? The amount of time it takes to go out of one’s way to a fast food joint, go through a drive-thru, reiterate your order at least twice at the intercom, and then wait for the few people in front to get their food is easily longer than the couple of minutes it takes to scramble a couple of eggs and some bacon. “But what if you’re a vegetarian?” Well, pour a bowl of cereal, heat up a bowl of oatmeal, and break out the OJ.

    I think a lot of its just laziness all around. If most folks were simply smart enough to stay away from, or at least limit, the obviously bad stuff (like Funyons and Ho-Hos), we’d all be in generally better shape.

    Oh well.

    If we didn’t have idiots, the Snuggie inventor would have to create them to survive.

  8. I also laugh about people who talk about “making grandma eat cat food to survive.” Cat food is about 5 times more expensive than hamburger.

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