Tea Party Comics?

I just heard about these so called “Racist Tea Party Comics” which are mostly parodies of old comic books with a black faced Obama as the villain on the covers, A lot of left wing sites are claiming they are proof of tea party racism, but there’s no proof I’ve seen they come from any tea party member. It’s more telling that almost every site talking about how racist they are says “Gee! They’re not bad!”

What’s annoying is how the Obama on these has big ears similar to Obama in Obama Nation. I really don’t want the comparisons. Our strip is just goofing on the WPE.

These rags are filled with reproductions of old comics covers. And since the Tea Party is not racist no matter how much the Democrats and the MSM want to lie about them, this really looks like agitprop from some rabble rousers on the left. Mainly because the jokes that are told don’t really sound that conservative. They are like parodies of what lefties think conservatives believe. I wouldn’t be surprised to find whoever did these was not a tea party person at all. Like those Obama Socialism-Joker posters turned out to be by a Muslim lefty instead of some “crazy wingnut.” The people who bash the tea party are so desperate to undermine them, I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t some cheap form of propaganda.

And I think it’ll backfire.

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  1. I'm guessing Macker means Charles Johnson of LGF. Haven't seen that blog in ages.

    The 'Obama' in these … things doesn't even look like him.

    I wonder if errors like “mean't” (sic) are deliberate or accidental.

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