Texas Shows

I’ve been having a good time in Austin having been here one week. The food is great and there has been plenty of entertainment.

I’ve especially been enjoying the Alamo Drafthouse, a very cool theater chain I’ve been hearing about for years. I sent and saw the latest Sin City movie there last week. I liked the pre-show trailer compilation they did, which featured a lot of retro crime movies, cartoons and music videos. They show a lot of old movies which is something I miss about the old days when revival houses were more common.

Tomorrow (Sunday the 14th) they will be showing Howard The Duck at the Ritz theater downtown. Val Mayerik, as co-creator of the character will do a Q and A afterward. I will be there for sure.

In October 17-19 I will be at the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days as a guest. Hope to see you there.

I am also looking into attending a show here in Austin next week. More on that later.

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