The 90% Lie

President Obama and the Democrats keep making the claim that 90% of guns used by Mexican drug cartels were smuggled in from the U.S. This has been debunked by several sources including

The reason they keep making this claim is, they know they can’t do anything about gun ownership due to the supreme court’s recent Heller decision. So they are trying to make it an international case for banning gun sales by using UN anti-gun treaties. Since the Obama administration is composed of globalists, just about every member of his cabinet is on the CFR, Trilateral commission, Bilderbergers, etc. they are all for diminishing US sovereignty in favor of international laws.

And that’s bad news for U.S. citizens if he’s successful. Which is why you really need to speak up at every opportunity when they try to make their moves. As with the climate change nonsense, they are using utter lies and false information to push through laws detrimental to the economy and public’s well being.

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