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  1. I love the american system video…..EXCEPT FOR……its misrepresentation of anarchy…..the explanation of – and justification for- its premise, is based upon the utilization of anarchy as a turn-of-the-19th century buzzword that newspapers utilized to stir public opinion ( being opposed to an actual examination of the facts). It’s too easy to call people names. To have an individual such as Gavrilo Princip claim his devotion to anarchy and thus launch a world war based upon American newspaper headlines (in supposed contrast to the Wilsonian policies) and thus proclaim him as the voice of American opposition is fallacious at best. Just as this video demonstrates the differences between the etiological derivation of the term “democracy” and the practical application of its epistemological usage…..anarchism is not the absolution of law, it is instead, the recognition of individual liberty. It is the bridge between Republicanism and the mob rule of democracy.

  2. A niece of mine got all pierced up and started talking about how cool anarchy was. I picked up her purse and took her money out of it. “Hey!” she said. “You can’t do that!”
    Stop me,” I replied. “Welcome to anarchy.”

  3. Heh, trust me. I think most of these kids have no idea what real Anarchy is. They’re probably into “anarchy” because all there cool friends are into it. Which is hilariously ironic because I thought anarchy was supposed to be about the individual and not to follow a crowd just to look cool.

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