The Biggest Scam of Our Times

That might be the devaluation of the US economy by the exploiters in the federal reserve and their proxies, like Barack Obama. But there is another scam we can’t forget and Obama is still pushing it like a good puppet.

The global recession has slowed progress on a climate change deal, but leaders must “fight the temptation toward cynicism” and push forward, President Barack Obama told a meeting of rich and emerging powers in L’Aquila, Italy, on Thursday.

While world leaders did not solve the problem, they “made some important strides forward,” Obama said, speaking at the conclusion of a forum on the environment, which he chaired.

Calling climate change “a defining problem of our time,” Obama said: “It is no small task for 17 leaders to bridge their differences on this issue.”

“A defining problem for our time”. Yeah, their problem is ramming it down our unwilling throats. Most people don’t believe in it. I doubt they ever did. And yet they are still trying to push it on us despite record cold temps this summer.

It is of utmost importance that this whole thing died a horrible death. Cap and Trade must be defeated and Al Gore needs to become the laughing stock of his day. And Prince Charles can join him on the clueless train. These people are trying to make a depression a lot worse. The Europeans, who were chiding us not long ago are starting to wise up but Obama is still stuck on that train of thought. One that’s as current as disco music and bell bottoms.

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  1. It’s real obvious this is just a ploy for new taxes when you can’t get the 3 biggest polluters onboard. India, Russia, and China all said, “Nyet.” Their economic concerns come first before worrying about smog. No penalties for these guys. The burden’s totally on the back of the West and the US in particular!

    From what I’ve read about what they’ve done to their lakes, rivers, streams, etc. the US has never been even half as bad with its industrial waste. There’s that and the fact that the state-run media pretty much destroys all dissent the environmental damage.

    In the US, the pendulum has swung so far in favor of the environmental movement that it’s become impossible to address the manufacturing declines and need for new power plants honestly. The sadder thing is the new collusion between the investment houses and green energy PACs that’ll make sure Al Gore and the people responsible for the current economic collapse become richer at the further expense of everybody else.

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