The Decade of Suck

I don’t know about you, but the naughties were not the best decade I can remember. Every decade has its problems. For me, the 60s and the assassinations and the Vietnam war. The 70s had a terrible economy, social decay, the Iranian hostage crisis which was the real start of the war on terror. The 80s had economic turmoil, but I mostly enjoyed that decade. The 90s had Clinton and the beginnings of serious statist inroads as well as global warming/ozone hole BS. But the naughties were the decade where things really took a turn for the worse. We had the terrible choice of Bush vs Gore in 2000 (with McCain another possibility, agh). Then the dot com crash, 9/11, the two wars, homeland security encroachment on rights, the security state, the hysterical left and the growth of the nanny state, then it got capped off by the housing crash, a massive recession, bank bailouts that were a scam and the election of Obama.

There were times where things went well for me personally. There were also some bad years like the last two, which were not fun for me. I made some bad decisions that seriously set me back, and at the worst possible time, the economy tanked. The economy tanked a bunch of times this decade. So much for the efficiency of the government. They caused most of the problems.

Our country became divided after the 2000 election and only got worse. People went crazy. Many people replaced religion with politics. Many people became zealots. Many people got a major hate on. The evil people seemed to be on the run at the end of the 90s. And for a while in naughts, it looked like the era of the dictator was over. But now it looks like it is coming back. Evil governments seem to be gaining strength as our own seems to be weakening. We have a president who make Chamberlain look like a mensch. At least Chamberlain didn’t suck up to our enemies and apologize to them.

Our government has become insanely corrupt and they aren’t listening to us. Other governments are selling out their people in new and disgusting ways.

We’re on the verge of discovering if we can fight to keep our freedoms or not. Because the current government seems determined to undermine them at every turn.

It’s not a new story. We have been there before and survived. Hopefully we will again. But what happens in the mean time is the scary part.

It looks like this decade will be one of change and upheaval. I don’t think the left will have it easy. A social war of sorts is coming. How bad it gets depends on the way the so called leaders act. People are rally getting riled up and I don’t think the elites understand where that will lead.

I would like to stay positive, but it is really a time of uncertainly. Political correctness is still running amok at a time when barbarians are at the gates. We will either face reality or face decline. It’s up to us all as individuals to do our part to stand up for ourselves and our country.

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  1. The aughts (that’s the best we can come up with? Weak.) were not that bad to me, in most ways. The manga business got a huge boost from Kurt Hassler getting them into the bookstores, and while I (to my regret) was not on board with the whole unflopped thing, trickle-down kept my books selling well enough that I was able to make a very good deal with Dark Horse to take over. However, some of the decisions I made after going into my “retirement” were rather poor. As Felix Dennis points out in his utterly brilliant and dead-accurate book, “How to Get Rich,” retirement is death for an entrepreneur. Sad but true.
    The 70s were great for me–I was young and enthusiastic and had lots of mindless fun. The 80s were when you got me into manga and anime and while there were a lot of brutally tough times as I tried to get Studio Proteus running, overall I had fun. In the 90s, the payoff started and despite the 16 hour days 7 days a week…and 7 years straight without a vacation…I felt I had really accomplished something.
    For the 80s I was not concerned with politics–I was not a citizen and couldn’t do anything about it at all. In the early 90s I became a citizen and suddenly I found I couldn’t avoid them. I flailed around for quite a while, trapped in San Francisco, then you mentioned some radio guy named Rush Limbaugh. I checked him out and couldn’t believe it–he was saying all the things I was thinking! It was nice not to feel so alone. I bitched about Clinton the way everybody else did, but looking back, Clinton had one serious saving grace–he wanted socialism, but he couldn’t bring himself to force it down the public’s throat. So when voters polled against something he actually (shock, horror) lost the will to push the ideas, unlike the current bunch (on both sides!) who will happily jam through legislation opposed by a majority of the public.
    And I agree the gradual psychotic break that took place as the liberals got more and more deranged over Bush has left American political discourse in tatters. The liberals hated Reagan. The conservatives hated Clinton. But the liberals went completely batcrap insane over Bush, and the MSM happily went along for the ride (no surprise–they are liberal, of course). I think we really dodged a bullet, though–had the internet and its alternate source of information taken even a couple more years to get going, I shudder to think what might have happened.
    Now at least we have a chance. Despite the Tea Parties being ignored by the MSM, they are a remarkable occurrence. People are getting disgusted by things like ramming through unread 3000 page bills that haven’t even been completed. Not to mention the death of representative democracy (when your constituents make it abundantly clear they want you to vote “no” for them on some bill, DON’T VOTE “YES” INSTEAD! The gall!).
    And amen on PC. It has killed people and will kill more.
    Idiocy was certainly everywhere in the aughts. Bush started us down the path of utter fiscal irresponsibility by the government, and now that it has been jumped to lightspeed by Obama, we are facing either a full-blown depression, or hyperinflation. Pick one. Constant expansion of the government has been corrosive (government employees obstruct progress, since they make on average twice as much as people in the private sector, each one cancels out the productivity of two citizens. And of course they can’t or won’t be fired when tax receipts fall). We should have gone into Afghanistan, bombed the crap out of every Taliban and Al Qaeda camp and stronghold we could find, then gone home. That country is ungovernable. I’m ambivalent on Iraq. The late-term weakness of Bush and the ongoing weakness of Obama has emboldened all manner of riff-raff, from Iran to Chavez. Our constant failure to drill for oil and build nucs has damaged our economy horribly and enriched our enemies.
    Did anything good happen? Not much comes to mind. The true rise of the net has been far more good than bad. Technology advances have been weak, otherwise–no big jumps anywhere. Climategate has been wonderful, and just in time. History will call the person who leaked that material one of the greatest heroes of the 21st century.
    I must say one thing about Obama–he’s merely a figurehead (although it’s obvious that the only reason he became a professor of Constitutional Law was to look for loopholes). It’s the Democratic control of the government and people like Pelosi who are wreaking havoc. But now that they’ve done what they did–try to shred and reassemble America in just 12 months, it will become (like the insane partisanship of modern politics) standard operating procedure. When the Republicans get in, they’ll HAVE to try doing the same thing, if for no other reason that rolling back the damage. This sort of savage whiplash will be bad for the country.
    We are facing interesting times.

  2. I like the term Naughties.

    At any rate, I hate politics. always have. The only reason I talk about it so much is because I am tired of having my liberties threatened by insane criminals who want to bury us in taxes and laws dictating every aspect of our existence. People who believe in progressive values seem to be completely blind to what’s being done. It will be too late if it is allowed to continue. I really think that if they get too much power there will be a social breakdown that will make the 60s look like the 50s.

    I really hope this is the darkest before the dawn phase, because if this crypto-fascism goes on too long, we’ll see a civil war. And it will be ugly.

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