The Democrats Are Doomed

Today the Pelosi lead Democrats shut down Obama’s tax deal with the Republicans. They don’t want to extend tax breaks to people making over $250,000. Considering that half of the people in that category are small business owners, this is how it will effect the majority of job creators in the American economy.

If no deal is struck before years end, everyone’s taxes will go up and the Dems will be blamed. Further, they just passed the Dream Act which the Senate just stalled. But it would give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Combine that with the Pigford reparations deal which is bound to be cause for investigations and scandal next year and the Dems, who have already suffered major losses in November, are doomed leading up to the 2012 presidential elections.

They dug their own grave with their insane policies which only a handful of extremists wanted.

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  1. I hope Pelosi and her ilk burn in Hell. Not a pleasant thing to say, but HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO THE PEOPLE WHO CREATE JOBS AND PROSPERITY? How can they so arrogantly and nonchalantly just crush competition like that? (These policies favor THE BIG BOYS — THE FORTUNE 500.)

    Fortune 500 companies, by-and-large are the corporate welfare recipients. Most of these companies don’t do a damn thing but sit on the laurels of the patents and creations of their long-dead founders!

    The world is just upside-down. Love ‘im or hate ‘im, Glenn Beck makes more sense most of the news staff on CNN and the Alphabet Soup networks! We’re in a crazy time where Big Government, Big Taxes Good, Initiative and Independence is bad!

    Man, this sucks. Short of revolution, how do you get more people to listen to common sense.

    This all just does not compute and Wikileaks is small fry compared to this bullying by an elite few.

    People are going to piss on that Hag’s grave when she passes away!

    I swear… I gave up trying to figure out if she was terminally stupid, a dingbat, or a conniving power-obsessed bitch who doesn’t give a damn about the majority of us!

    • After the first the Republicans will be in a better position to pass what they want to fix the problem. In reality, the two years they got out of the Obama a deal wasn’t really enough. Businesses need more than two years to plan with.

      Regardless, Pelosi is burning bridges like she did leading up to this year’s election. She is killing her party. Obama was smart enough to see that he needed a tax cut to get passed. If she prevents that, she and her party will pay big time.

    • Can’t agree with the corporate welfare statement. If we’re going to provide “welfare,” let’s give it to people who make things and provide jobs.

  2. Two points few seem to be pointing out.
    1. The Dems made the $250k tax on the rich a plank in their national platform. They had a total majority, so why didn’t they pass it then?
    2. I can’t buy Scott Campbell’s new pin up book, Blue Beauties, because he’s done multiple pinups of fricken Obama in there. Hey Scott! Get a room, dude.

    • 1. They had 2 years to do something. Even with their much vaunted majority, they couldn’t do it. What they are doing now is to try to say its all the Republican’s fault.

      2. One of the saddest things for me as a comics creator is watching people in comics demonstrate their ignorance for all to see.

      • That’s part of the problem I have with comics. Clueless creators. Remember, two years ago I met Chris Claremont at the Mid-Ohio Con and he declared Americans were too racist to elect a Black President. I KNEW Obama would get elected IF the economy were bad enough. To be fair, the other creators were generous with their time and I really was impressed by => Bob Layton, Roger Stern, Ethan Van Sciver, and Len Wein — all good guys! While I found Mark Evanier a bit boorish in real life, he was also kind with his advice on some job prospects and turned me into a direction I’m looking into. Still don’t agree with Evanier’s politics, though. He’s very liberal and cynical on his blog. He’s a victim of being in the writer’s union for too long…!

        I absolutely will NOT buy a Captain America issue written by Ed Brubaker…. I’m sorry, Hud, but he’s NOT writing the character I grew up with. I far preferred Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s run on Cap in the Tales to Astonish series. That still has my favorite Cap run-in with the Red Skull and Cosmic Cube. Other great Cap runs were the tragically short Roger Stern/John Byrne run and the late Mark Gruenwald’s run. Again, I didn’t always agree with Gruenwald’s politics but I felt for the most part his writing was above his political bias and he did well by Cap in most of his major storylines. My Cap was proud to be an American and was NOT the brooding character he’s been since Mark Waid got his mitts on him.

        I know Brubaker may be an acquaintance of yours but I’ve frankly been put off by the changes he’s made in the character leading up to Bucky’s unnecessary return and installation as the current Cap. The whole atmosphere of that comic I don’t care for, either. That Tea Party slam a year or two was calculated, Hud. There was no mistake and Ed’s a shlub for doing it in the first place!

        • I stopped reading Brubaker’s Captain America long before his Tea Party issue. It didn’t hold my interest, he last time I read it was when that Tea Party two parter came out. I find the Bucky Cap to be a stupid idea. Bringing him back was pointless. For one thing, he is just another boring character who’s interchangeable with a zillion other characters who are not unique in any particular way.

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