The Establishment is Against the People

The Tea Party movement isn’t racist, it’s demographically very similar to America at large. But because they’re protesting (peacefully) against the Democrats and the Administration, they’re seen as a threat by the MSM and the White House. So naturally, the radical friends of Obama are out to destroy the tea party. Here is their latest plan.

The so called Democrat party is against democracy because they show no interest in listening to the people. They have an agenda that they want to ram through and they don’t care what the people think. The majority of Americans were against Obamacare and they ignored them and tried to make them look like crazy racists. The obnoxious display of the Dems walking to the hill past tea partiers, as if they were in a civil rights march and then lying about the tea party using racial slurs (no proof has ever been given even though the event was video taped by many news organizations).

Now they’re sending some fake astroturf group to try to discredit them further. The fact that they have to manufacture racist signs shows how low they will sink.

November will be the most important election in our generation. We need to stop the Democrats from having too much power. We need to take away their control of two houses so their plans for rampant statism can be stopped and Obamacare can be repealed. The process of fixing health care needs to be in the interests of the people, not the unions and other friends of the Democrats.

Here we have Jesse Jackson at the same rally deliberately trying to provoke the tea party people while his son filmed it. Again, no racial slurs even though they were trying to get some so they could use it against them.

UPDATE: My latest Big Journalism piece deals with the Washington Post doing the Dems dirty work.

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