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  1. RESPONSIBLE American politicians and citizens ought to take note of this —
    Europe’s economic chaos is only going to get worse and I wonder when the German voters will finally have enough of being asked to foot the bill for the most irresponsible EU countries?!?!?  Is it really worth backing that B.S. at the expense of THEIR country’s economic integrity?!?!?!  Is it worth it to sacrifice that much for a big political stake in the EU which likely won’t last like it is now???

    The shit has really to hit the fan yet…
    Money’s not unlimited, folks.
    There isn’t a limitless supply of it anywhere in the world.

    Come November, we’ll find it out if more people in the US understand that or not…
    I’m not real hopeful based on the nonsense I’m hearing in my own home state right now.

    I also have family members who frankly CANNOT separate their idiotology
    from the reality of what’s going on around them…  They believe the
    nonsense of the MSM instead of the hard facts of life surrounding them
    right now.

    Let me preface my remarks from here on out — I don’t really like either major candidate from the Two Parties but right now I firmly believe that the current President of the US is the worse of the two (unfortunately) realistic options.  I don’t whether possible bigotry or common (?) sense will win out this November…  Most of what I see and hear against Obama has to be over his policies, his extremely arrogant and narcisstic personality, lack of common sense, and background ideology which has not led him to a place where he will EVER by an effective and wise leader…  It’s not in the cards for him.  The guy’s not that smart and is a stuffed shirt propped to be a pretty boy figurehead for the more radical elements in business and academia backing him.  The complaints about Obama have far less to do with his racial background.  I’m hearing and seeing a lot more racist rhetoric coming from Obama backers and kneejerk ideologues in his camp.

    As far as Romney’s concerned, the complaints center around his silver spoon background, his Mormonism — there’s a deep suspicion of Mormons that’s at least as bad if not worse than the traditional prejudice towards Catholicism –, the feeling that he lacks core beliefs he’ll stick to (make no mistake — he’s no conservative OR libertarian), and his generally bland public personality.  I see the “rich boy” arguments working against Romney in spite of the fact that Obama has surrounded himself with even more of the same people who HELPED make the economic collapse far worse than it had to be and rewarded many of these same backers with (in many cases) unelected government positions.  Romney’s the “whitest white guy” in the US and the racial environment right now is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime in the country.

    I hope there are enough us with brains to see how the MSM is going to come out against Romney at least ten times worse than we’re seeing now…  The only way I don’t see the support being so strong for Obama is if he continues to stumble and demonstrate to all but the most brainwashed, hateful individuals that he truly is out of his depth in the Presidency.

    Don’t count Matthews, Maddow, or most of the talking heads at MSNBC and the other alphabet networks to be among the reasonable, though…  They’re too selfish, self-involved, and narrow-minded.  There’s a far bigger picture impacting more people than they could ever realize.

    I am reminded at this time of the story of the Once and Future King.
    I don’t expect either a Christ figure OR Arthur to return to lead us in the darkest times but I am more hopeful than I expected about a possible rebirth of the best aspects of American exceptionalism in a positive future that may be closer than many people can imagine…

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