The Fix is In

The corruption infecting the body politic right now is as bad as I have ever seen it in my lifetime. It was probably worse in the 1930s, but we seemed to have returned to that time when gangsters funded politicians and controlled them. In these times the gangsters are unions like SEIU and groups like ACORN and the Tides foundation.

Not too long ago ACORN was caught red handed offering to help a team of undercover journalists set up child prostitution brothels. The government in faux outrage said they would investigate the matter, but also said they would go after the journalists who exposed the corruption there. Now it seems California’s ex-governor and current Attorney General is expected to help ACORN and go after the two film makers.

And in the Ft. Hood shootings you have a military officer who contacted Al Qaeda, shouted “Allah Ahkbar” as he shot at people, said incendiary, pro terrorist things before the shooting, he even dealt with the same imam who preached to the 9/11 terrorists and others. Yet, no one did anything, he was not fired or even suspended. And yet the we find out the military knew of some of this.

Political correctness and multiculturalism has run amok. On one hand you have corrupt leftists organizations being protected by fellow travelers in the government. And in the Hasan case, a fear of appearing discriminatory against flagrantly crazy muslims allows a mass murder to take place. Our government even jumps at the chance to to say there will be swift consequences if there is any backlash against muslims. That’s only going to make officials even more squeemish about dealing with reality. Now everyone is pointing fingers.

We are fighting two wars over seas. But we’re fighting two more here at home. One to defend our liberties against those who will take it from us with lies and bad laws. The other against fanatics who are stepping up their attacks on innocent people. These scattered shootings seem to be increasing and the press and authorities refuse to see it for what it is. If anything they keep blaming the victims. It’s stress. It’s racism. Etc. Etc.

The fault is he should have been relived of duty as unfit to serve. Anyone who tries to contact terrorists, sympathizes with them and serves in the military should not have a job there. But in an age where we search old white ladies for bombs while imams who deliberately act provocatively to test the system and then sue.

It takes events like those at Ft. Hood to force the authorities to stop pussy footing around. If someone is so obvious and then kills people, it will cause a lot of people to lose their jobs and that means the next time there will be much more scrutiny on such people. As there should be.

Obviously, innocent Muslims should not be harassed, but there hasn’t been any indication that they have been. Quite the opposite. But the west can’t be a doormat for crazed fanatics to blow up every time they feel like it. Tolerance has its place in society. But when someone crosses a line, there’s little room for it.

We’re at a point where we the people need to tell those in power that our tolerance of their ineptitude and corruption will no longer happen. Either they do their job or they are out. Point blank.

UPDATE: Islamophobic hate crimes are way down in the US. [via FBI and Michelle Malkin]


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