The Insanity of Palin Haters

It never ceases to amaze me how bent out of shape Sarah Palin haters are. They are beyond the pale. I constantly see reports on internet sites about how outraged you should be because she talked to someone once who is a Christian or something. The latest is death threats are pouring in to Dancing with the Stars over Bristol Palin being a finalist. How mentally deranged and utterly bereft of a reason for living do you have to be to threaten people’s lives over some lame “reality” show?

The fact is, ever since the Democrats saw how popular Sarah Palin was when she was nominated as McCain’s Vice-Presidential candidate, they have gone into over drive to try to destroy her image, lying up a storm about her and her family. All because this grandma from Alaska is seen as a potential threat to Obama. Rest assured, all the scoffing you hear about her not having a chance against Obama comes from people who are terrified of her. If she wasn’t a threat they would have ignored her by now. But she still commands the stage.

Going after her kid shows you how deranged these people are. Her daughter Bristol isn’t in politics. She is a 20 year old mom in the spotlight only because her mother is famous. But people are threatening to kill her if she wins that show.

Symbolic, no? They see her as a proxy for her mother.

It isn’t just Democrats who hate Palin, elitist Republicans don’t like her either. Why? Because in many respects Palin is more like a middle American than a beltway creature. The elitists hate middle America. They deride it as much as they can. Even though George W. Bush came from a blue blood family, his accent and mannerisms reminded elites of Middle America too and they hated him for that. Sarah Palin is an actual real person from the hinterlands. She did not come from wealth or attended Harvard. Those are qualities the so called elites require to be accepted in their club. Because she is an outsider she is reviled whether she deserves it or not.

And the mindless followers of the leftist elite’s agendas believe everything they’re told, acting out their master’s rage in their own stupid way.

Whether or not Sarah Palin is qualified to be president is another argument. But anyone who is fair minded has to be appalled by the insanity being directed at her and her family. She doesn’t deserve this just because her opinions aren’t the same as the crypto-fascists.

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